A quick survey for our readers

I woke up this morning with no voice. Yesterday it was croaky but today it is gone!

Since I cannot talk I am catching up on my learning instead. One of the tools I am learning about is Survey Monkey. I have designed this survey for the readers of this blog, especially the parents of students in Year5rc.

Maybe we could use Survey Monkey in class, how would you use it? What could we create surveys about? Send me a comment with your ideas.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

Making Memories

Wow what a fun day we had today.

Some of the highlights for Mrs Thomas and I included:

  • The squeals of delight when you learnt that your first challenge was to create spaghetti and marshmallow towers.
  • Watching you think, talk, create, design and problem solve to try and create those towers.
  • Seeing girls help each other, try and try again and not give up even when the towers collapsed.
  • The way you are cleared up quickly and worked together to get rid of all the stickiness!

Followed by our second challenge the ‘eggcellent egg protector’. I never knew so much recycling could appear in one classroom!
Again we were so impressed by how you incorporated our year 5 core values. You cooperated together in your teams,  you cared for the year 3 girls,  you collaborated together and WOW how creative were your designs. Yes there were eggs that broke and designs that failed but I am sure you will agree, that today we made memories. We hope this movie helps you share your day with others.

Starting your own Blog

So you want to have your own blog? Your parents have signed the permission letter and you are ready to go? As discussed last Friday the next stage is up to you. Follow my instructions below, click on all the links I have added and read the instructions. Then spend some time designing and creating your blog this week.

These links and instructions should help you to create your own blog. Once you have created your blog and given it a name you like, we will link it to this blog.  For you to start this process you will probably need a grown-up’s help, as although it is not difficult, there are a number of steps you need to follow.

Start by reading the following links:
Abbey : This link will take you to a students page. She is called Abbey, read her blog and visit her slide show to help you get started. it is a great example of a good student blog. She also has some interesting hints to get you started on what to blog about.

How to sign up: Follow this link for instructions on how to sign up to edublogs. Remember you will need an email address to do this, so check with your parents first. Edublogs have lots of help pages, once you are started you can search for advice and help for such things as adding a country cluster map. The extras on a blog page are called widgets, so start with those.

If this seems too much for you and you would prefer to have your name on the side of our blog, please wait until next week and I will make sure you can do this.

MrToft’s blog is a good example of a class where the students are users of his blog. Have a look at it and you will see that his students have their own page on the left hand side of his blog. You can have this too however it is not the same as owning your own blog. If you look at this page you can see a heading called class posts, your name would appear here and every time you wrote a post it would be added to your name here.

So, it’s up to you, get creating, get writing and start your blogging journey. Even if you do nothing, please continue to visit other class blogs, to read and comment and share your exciting global connections.

Our final Skype phone call for 2010

What a way to end our year with a Skype phone call to Mr Piper’s class in Wisconsin, America. Unfortunately not everyone could make it for the call as it was at 8.10 am. This is because that was 3.10 pm in the afternoon in Wisconsin. We made this call because we have been exchanging pen-pal letters with Mr Piper’s Language Arts  class and teaching them all about life in Australia. They also told us lots about life for students in Milwaukee.

During our call we talked about Christmas, they think it is very funny that we should see Christmas cards with snow and snowmen on them, since we never see snow at Christmas time in Sydney.

They were very jealous that  today is the last day of term. They wish they could go on a summer holidays too. This is a screen shot I took during our call.

letters to America

Smartie Maths

Since today was our last maths lesson for the term, we decided to hold a Smartie maths lesson. Firstly Mrs Miller showed a large jar of Smarties and we all estimated how many were in the jar. Then we estimated how many we would each receive. We then calculated the total cost of the Smarties Mrs Miller had purchased. We all wanted to start eating the Smarties but we were not allowed to yet. Firstly we had to devise as many different Smartie maths questions as we could. We came up with a list of over fifty different mathematical questions including the following.

How many Smarties will weigh 100gm?
Can I graph my Smarties?
What fraction of my Smarties are red?
What are the chances of my picking a pink Smartie?
What is the circumference of a Smartie?
How many Smarties do I need to measure 10cm?
Can I make a repeating pattern from my Smarties?

Then Mrs Miller shared out the Smarties, we received 22 each and we started our calculations.

Smartie maths with Year 5 on PhotoPeach

Did you know one Smartie weighs one gram. That Mrs Miller spent 16.6 cents on each students Smarties and that in one bag of Smarties there are approximately 340 Smarties.

Finally after we had each answered at least ten questions we were allowed to eat our Smarties. It was the best maths lesson ever.

Our 2010 edublogs award nominations

Last week we took the time to visit each others blogs and to decide which of us we felt should be nominated for the forthcoming edublogs awards. As a year group we have decided to nominate blogs in the following categories.ebawardlogo

Best student blog and Best class blog.

After a great discussion, lots of nominations and a secret vote we are excited to announce and with an overwhelming number of votes that we nominate

Anita’s Awesome blog in the category of best student blogger and we nominate Miss T’s Classroom as best class blog.

Congratulations to Anita and to Miss T. To all you other student bloggers keep up the great work, Mrs Thomas and I are proud of you and the work you have put into blogging this year.

What does a good student leader look like?

Of course I don’t want to know what you actually look like!

but rather what a leader looks like on the inside, what qualities and characteristics does a young leader have?

We have reached the time in our school year when we turn some of our attention towards the election of school leaders for 2011. All year we have focused on qualities that are important to develop in ourselves; notably, respect, responsibility, resilience and strong relationships. Today we participated in leadership day. We came to school in mufti, we participated in some fun team building exercises, we thought about the Biblical idea of ‘servant leadership’ and we discussed what makes a good leader.  Our principal challenged us to look at the leadership demonstrated by Aung San Suu Kyi.

We learned that leaders need to ‘Speak Up’, ‘Plan Ahead’, ‘Take Responsibility’ and get involved in ‘Teamwork’. Much of what we did today comes from the Student Leadership program from Michael Grose and Sue McAdam
Our day has raised many questions…
What did you learn today?
What do you think makes a good leader?
What is the culture of our school and what sort of student leadership is needed?
How will you cope with the disappointment if you are not chosen?
If you are elected, how would like to be remembered?
Who are your role models?
Have you discovered areas in yourself that you can work on?
We would love to hear some responses both from inside our school and also from outside.
Can you tell us what happens in your school?

Photo by Stephen Brookes used with permission

Connecting To Antarctica

On the last Friday of term year 5 were lucky enough to receive a telephone call from Antarctica. Nick Roden an Antarctic scientistAntarctic Morning Tea wintering at The Australian Antarctic Division Davis station agreed to call us, after we contacted him via email. We were unable to hold a Skype conversation as Skype does not work all the way to Antarctica.So we had to make do with looking at some of his amazing photographs.

Several girls got to ask Nick and his colleagues some questions including “what kind of scientist are you,” “what do you like to do in your spare time,” and many more. We were able to record Nick’s conversation and a podcast of this will be available for us to listen to again, early next term.

One of the main things I remember from the conversation was all the scientist talking about the amazing beauty of Antarctica and the need for us all to learn about its uniqueness so that we can work towards preserving it for the future.


They also talked about missing greenery and trees, one of them even has pictures of trees up on her bedroom wall. They mentioned that the food is quite good but they do not have much fresh produce and so have to eat a lot of frozen fruit and vegetables.

What do you remember the Antarctic scientists talking about?

Even more excitement girls, we made the North Shore Times! Click and visit page three.

Cycling in Antarctica

Aboriginal style paintings

During NAPLAN week 5 Gold we needed an art project that was restful and quiet so 5G created dot paintings. Each one depicts a story or journey, we are going to use these images to create a voicethread. On our voicethread we will talk about our stories and Mrs Webb’s Year 4 class who are learning about the dreamtime stories in England will respond. They will use two stars and a wish to critique our work. We hope they like our paintings.

Why do we blog?

We have been blogging in Year 5 now for about a term and a half and I think it’s time to ask a few questions? 

  • Who reads our blog?
  • What do we share on our blog?
  • What are the benefits of blogging?
  • Are there concerns about privacy and the safety of our blog?
  • What do we learn from writing for a blog?
  • What do we learn from reading a blog?
  • Is blogging a useful skill or just a bit of fun?

and the big one WHY do we bother?

Mrs Miller and I would love to know what you think so please talk about it at home and see if you or your parents might leave a comment