Year 5 students love Science!

At the start of our Science unit on Electricity I conducted a poll to see how my students felt about pollThe results were very encouraging. As we have explored electrical circuits, torches and light bulbs there has been a high level of interest. In the words of a famous Australian scientist “Why is this so?”

Science, in a primary school classroom, is hands on and fun. Even without knowing it the students are learning important skills and values. Last week after reading the story of Italian scientists, Alessandro Volta and Luigi Galvani, I asked the students to identify key characteristics these two scientists displayed. Then we generated a list of words to describe scientists. What did we find?light_bulb We found a list of words that could describe many of my students. Words like resilient, persistent, determined and courageous came up again and again. So are my students scientists? Of course they are! They are learning the value of questioning, reasoning, predicting and explaining. They are learning how to approach problems and how to react if results don’t reach their expectations. They are learning to be thorough and consistent and fair.
Scientific thinking seems to be a good model for how to approach life in Year 5. Perhaps that’s why my students love Science. They are learning values and attitudes that will stay with them and serve them well in all aspects of life.
What do you think? What do you enjoy about Science lessons at your school?