TEAR ~ What is it?

Today Year 5 were challenged to think about the letters in TEAR. What might they stand for?

TEAR Australia is a charity that we have supported at school for many years and will do again this year. The girls brainstormed possibilities. They had lots of fantastic ideas as you can see. A few clues were needed to get some of the actual meanings (which, by the way, is Transformation, Empowerment, Advocacy, Relief.)

We talked about what these words mean to us and how they fit into the work of TEAR. Our new central idea is “We can express ourselves through our beliefs, values and actions.” Can you see how the work of TEAR Australia might be connected to our learning? Please comment and let us know what you think.fullsizerender-157

We made it! Silver coins buy a school and a goat!

As you know we have been raising money this year for  TEAR Australia.  Our target was $550 to purchase a community school.  We raised this and more! $50 extra means we have purchased a goat for a village.  We are amazed to see that little coins which on their own can’t buy anything can combine and do great things.  This is a very practical way to see that every little bit really does help, and so much can be achieved when people really work together.  As well as $600 from Year 5 our school community has donated another $950 to TEAR buy purchasing Christmas gifts ranging from school supplies and fish farming to toilets, goats or a self help group for women.  You might like to take a look at Arguably the World’s Most Useful Gift Catalogue and choose something yourself this Christmas.