“Those filled with life need not be afraid of tigers”

Year 5 have finished reading a wonderful book called ‘Dragonkeeper’ by Carole Wilkinson.


It is the story of a slave girl called Ping and her journey with a dragon called Danzi. We have found it to be an entertaining book and one that has taught us some life lessons. Some of us have made posters about the lessons we have learned from Ping and Danzi.

The book is also full of wise and sometimes curious sayings from Danzi. The title of our post “Those filled with life need not be afraid of tigers” is one of these sayings.

Jaemi and Dakota think that it means : people who are living life confidently, proudly and happily are not to be fearful. Wise words indeed girls.

We have tried to figure out what other sayings from Danzi might mean. Here are our posters.

Year 5 Scientists at work

Today after our NAPLAN test two exciting things happened. Firstly we all joined a reading group for this term’s novel study. You can see the books we are reading on our shelfari. We are each reading one book and we have tasks to complete as we read them. Some of us will be using a secure site called edmodo to discuss our novels, others will be creating, remembering and researching the time line as we read. All of the novels are all set during World War Two and they all involve a journey. We know we are going to enjoy this term’s novel study very much.

The second exciting thing was that we became scientists at work. We had to design, make and sell a model of a working fan, using our knowledge of circuits from our science unit on electricity. Two groups were judged to have the most interesting and workable fans but we all had great fun designing and making them.
We hope you enjoy our animoto movie about creating working fans.