Welcome back!

It is the first day of a new school year. New teachers, new students, new classrooms. We are really looking forward to a fantastic year of learning together in Year 5. We hope that you will subscribe to our blog so you can keep up with the exciting times ahead of us.

Today we took part in a TEAM BUILDING CHALLENGE.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 8.27.06 pm

With planning time, building time and some challenges thrown in (2 mins working one handed, 2 minutes working without talking!) we all succeeded in building a tower that was free standing (even if it only lasted a moment!). We all managed to support the table tennis ball. Our tallest towers were 67cm. Here are some of them.


We had a great discussion after we finished the task. We thought about challenges that we faced and what we had learned about teamwork. Here are a few of our discoveries.

“When our plans didn’t work we had to come up with a new plan.”

“When challenges happen you have to problem solve together and communicate well.”

“We were limited in materials but we found solutions.”


We think that good teamwork needs:

Cooperation & collaboration, enthusiasm, open-mindedness, great communication, creativity, collaboration, taking risks, persistence, give and take, and confidence

That sounds like a great recipe for success at whatever we try to achieve together this year.

Do you like teamwork or do you prefer to work alone?





Year 5 camp

Here is another camp video for your enjoyment, from Mrs Thomas

This week Year 5rc have been on camp. We went to the beautiful setting of Galston Gorge near Sydney. While we were there we took part in loads of fun activities. While we were at camp Mrs Thomas and I were pleased to see examples of girls showing our core values for this year. We spotted girls cooperating with each other when rock climbing. Caring for each other when some felt homesick. Being creative when presenting items at our camp concert and collaborating with each other when taking turns BMX bike riding. What core value did you display on camp? What activity did you enjoy the most? Leave a comment telling the world about your experience on camp. This is Mrs Miller’s movie which should help you to remember all the fun you had. Keep an eye out for the movie Mrs Thomas is making too.

Off to a great start

Our first week of term is almost over and phew what a scorcher it has been! Despite opening all the doors and windows and turning on the fans full blast it has been hot and sticky in the year 5 class rooms. That has not stopped us learning and having fun though.

Today we started our All about Me projects.All about me Global connections part 1

Mrs Thomas and I sat down together at the end of the day and discussed how impressed we were with the way you all settled down to work. We saw

  • Girls collaborating with each other and sharing ideas.
  • Girls connecting with each other and making new friends.
  • Girls taking care with their work.
  • Girls showing creativity and producing excellent work.

We can’t wait to see your finished projects and learning more about your lives and the things you enjoy doing, when you are not busy learning, thinking and having fun at school.