Buying a school with our loose change!

Are those annoying silver coins in your wallet worth anything?  They certainly are in our classroom.

We have been collecting 5cent and 10cent pieces in Year 5 this year.  We a hoping to raise enough money to buy a Community School through the TEAR FUND.


To do this we need $550. So far we have collected $264 and we are half way through the year so we are just about on target! We are just collecting silver coins because these don’t seem to be of much value on their own but when we put them all together we think they can make a real difference.  Our money will buy “a dedicated teacher, plus simple learning materials, to give children the opportunity for a quality primary or pre-primary education” in a poor community in Pakistan, Laos or Zambia. Our money pays for teacher training, salary and a year’s running costs.  The TEAR FUND is a Christian organisation who, we think, are doing really good work.

Do you think we can make it to our goal?