Using edmodo to connect and collaborate

early work 001 (2)

Mrs Thomas and I have been so impressed with the way you are all using our edmodo forum recently. We have decided to copy part of a question and answer session from our homework 2011 forum group, so we can brag about you. We are noticing how you are using edmodo to connect with your friends. We have then seen you helping each other and showing that you care. By sharing your ideas and knowledge you are collaborating together in exciting ways.

So keep up the great work girls and give yourselves a pat on the back for this fine example of team work.

This question was posed by one of you last week.

In our Homework Grid it says write a paragraph recounting your morning routine with global links, are we meant to write e.g. if we had a shower we would write where the shower came from
Mar 8, 2011

E.- Yeah so like
This morning I had a shower where the nozzle was made in China. I got my school uniform on designed in Australia made in China! Get the point??? (Mar 8, 2011 |

S – Do we write everything where our car was made as well? (Mar 8, 2011

E. – Yeah! That would be cool! Just do your best! (Mar 8, 2011 |

Mrs Miller- As much detail as you can S but obviously if you do not know where the shower was made then you would not do that. (Mar 8, 2011

J. – e.g- here is mine:
This morning I woke up and quickly checked my emails on my Apple computer designed in America made in china. Then I went out into my family room and sat on my Natuzzi Lounge, made in Italy. After that I put some toast in my Chinese toaster. Then dad drove me to school in his Mazda car, made in Japan. Then I quickly grabbed my jumper from ???????? (and I still have to find out where our school jumpers are from.)

Off to a great start

Our first week of term is almost over and phew what a scorcher it has been! Despite opening all the doors and windows and turning on the fans full blast it has been hot and sticky in the year 5 class rooms. That has not stopped us learning and having fun though.

Today we started our All about Me projects.All about me Global connections part 1

Mrs Thomas and I sat down together at the end of the day and discussed how impressed we were with the way you all settled down to work. We saw

  • Girls collaborating with each other and sharing ideas.
  • Girls connecting with each other and making new friends.
  • Girls taking care with their work.
  • Girls showing creativity and producing excellent work.

We can’t wait to see your finished projects and learning more about your lives and the things you enjoy doing, when you are not busy learning, thinking and having fun at school.