Is this Art?

While we were on our excursion to the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Rocks area of Sydney last week, we took lots of photographs. This week we have been learning to use Photoshop to manipulate our photographs. We used some of the filters such as liquefy or hue and saturation to adjust the photographs we had taken. As we worked on our pictures we had to ensure that we could still tell what the photographs were of. Learning how to apply just the right amount of effect to our pictures has been hard, especailly since Photshop makes it so easy to create a new image.

As we worked we discussed how easy it is to change an original picture and reminded ourselves that virtually all the images we see in magazines have been digitally manipulated these days.

The question still remains though. Have we created Art? Would you pay money for any of these images? Which ones do you like and why? Would you hang it on your wall? People pay large sums for images such as these created by ‘real artists’, why do you think this is so?

5 Gold Aboriginal Voicethread

5 Gold has completed the following Voicethread. Mrs Miller created the Voicethread using the Aboriginal paintings which we had painted during the term. Each painting tells a story, so after the paintings were put in the Voicethread we each spoke or wrote that story. Mrs Miller then sent the Voicethread to her friend Mrs Webb who teaches at Weston Village Primary School in England. The pupils at Weston Village school have responded to our paintings. Take the time to listen and read what they have to say about our Art works.

Today an article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald about our blogging and this Voicethread, which we think is very exciting.

Aboriginal style paintings

During NAPLAN week 5 Gold we needed an art project that was restful and quiet so 5G created dot paintings. Each one depicts a story or journey, we are going to use these images to create a voicethread. On our voicethread we will talk about our stories and Mrs Webb’s Year 4 class who are learning about the dreamtime stories in England will respond. They will use two stars and a wish to critique our work. We hope they like our paintings.