Art inspired by Sidney Nolan

5M were lucky enough to enjoy two art lessons with talented a art teacher. They considered the work of Sidney Nolan and his series of art works on the life of Ned Kelly. Enjoy our slide show which outlines the process each girl went through to create her artwork. To see the finished works pop into reception.

Sidney Nolan inspired artworks on PhotoPeach

If you were the teacher what would you change?

Thank you to all the parents who took the time to respond to our survey and write us messages regarding Year 5. If you have not yet completed your ‘homework’ the survey will remain open for a while yet.

This post is for the girls to answer. Mrs Thomas and I would like to know how you have found Year 5. Especially what you would change.

SO, if you were the teacher what would you change?
What would you add and what would you take away?
What did you enjoy and what did you dislike?
What should you have had more of and what less of?

Try to remember right back to last January when you arrived for the new year several centimetres smaller and  in shiny shoes. Let us know so that next year can be even better for the current Year 4 students

Should we be using your phone to help you learn?

Many educators these days are arguing that mobile phones and other digital devices such as i-pod touches and i-pads should be allowed in classrooms. They say that school children should be able to use their devices to learn with and from. Many of the conferences I have been to this year,  have had speakers argue that students should be allowed to use their digital devices in school. That schools should stop banning them and instead they should use them to help students learn.

So my question to you today is what do you think?1307593_mobile_phone_in_hand

  • Should digital devices be allowed to help students learn in schools today?
  • If so what should teachers do to make sure students are not texting their friends?
  • If we did allow them how could we best use them in our year 5 classroom?
  • Or indeed should we even think about using them in our classroom?
    What about the student who cannot afford an expensive phone?

Why not ask your parents their opinion on this? Mrs Thomas and I are always looking for ways to help you learn better, do you think having a digital device in class would help you learn or stop you learning?

Life on the Goldfields

We are learning about life on the goldfields.
That miners lived in tents when they first arrived.
That the first houses were made of wattle and daub.
That the first gold miners ate possums, they then made clothes from the skins.
That they wore socks for over a year at a time.


Day one- Jenolan Caves

We are all safely in our nice motel style bedrooms at the Bathurst Goldfields after a good journey through the mountains via Jenolen Caves. We took a tour of Lucas cave which was both educational and interesting. In a while we will be off for dinner followed by a night of Colonial Style bush dancing before bed.

Our rooms are nice, four single beds, ensuit bathrooms and a T.V! All the girls happily buzzing around burning off energy after the bus trip.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our tweets and viewing our instagram pictures. If my upload works I will add a picture to this post.


Using Social Media to communicate

Well here we are on the bus to Bathurst. The girls are quiet and the traffic is low. The sun is shining and we will reach our first stop in an hour or so. For the first time in the history of an excursion we will be using social media to communicate with our community. You can follow our movements with the twitter name @rosevilletweets and the instagram account @rosevillejuniorschool. Not sure about twitter? Well it is the fastest growing form of social media these days and all too soon your daughters will want accounts. So my advice is to join and learn now.

Australian Bush Ballads

This term we are learning about the poetic form of a ballad. We have learned that a Ballad is a poem in which tells a story. A narrative poem. We know that all ballads follow rhythmic pattern usually seven beats per line and that most ballads have rhyming words at the end of some of the lines.

This week we read, listened too and watched a movie about a famous Australian poem called The Man from Snowy River. Some of us finished all the questions we needed to answer and drew illustrations to match two lines from the text of  ‘The Man from Snowy River’. Enjoy this photopeach which shows twenty of those illustrations.
The man from Snowy River on PhotoPeach

A response to what did you learn in the holidays

WOW what great comments girls, it is amazing to read of all the things that you learned about in the holidays. It just goes to show that learning can take place anywhere and any time. I am sure that when we go to Bathurst next week we will learn even more things too. Not just about life on the Australian Gold fields. I wonder if we will find lots of gold? I wonder if the weather will be nice? I wonder if we will also learn more about ourselves? Will we learn the following?

  • That we can get to sleep quickly in a room with our friends?
  • That Mrs Vaughan is a fun person to go to camp with.
  • That Mrs Miller never had to use her cranky late night voice at all?
  • That camp food may not be home food but when we are hungry anything tastes good?
  • That long bus journeys can still be fun when we have our friends to talk to?

What else do you think we might learn? What do you wonder about?

What did you learn in the holidays?

Welcome back to our last term.  It will fly by very quickly but we still have lots of exciting things to do.  During the holidays Mrs Thomas and I have both been doing some thinking about you and the way that you learn best and the way that we can improve our teaching to make your learning more effective.

I went to two conferences here in Sydney, I met lots of people and I was inspired with lots of new ideas that I am keen to share with you.  Since Mrs Thomas was sick she stayed in Sydney but she read lots of teacher blogs and a couple of books that gave her plenty to think about.  We are both really interested in learning and hope that you are too!

My question to you, is what did you learn about during your holidays?  I’m sure that if you think about it you have learned something in the last two weeks that you didn’t know before.

  • perhaps you talked to someone new,
  • perhaps you read an interesting blogpost or book,
  • perhaps you travelled to a new place and learned something about it,
  • perhaps you participated in an activity and learned a new skill.

We all learn in different ways and we would love to hear about your learning so please post a comment here on our blog and we can all see what you’ve been thinking and learning about