Cuthbert Fund Raiser

On Thursday the 17th the Cuthbert fundraiser was held to raise money for Save the Children Fund.
We all had fun dressing up as our favourite character from a movie of our choice as our theme was “Shine like a Movie Star.” A best dressed competition was held and the winner from each grade received a tasty prize.
At lunch, we watched Toy Story while enjoying some delicious pop corn and lollies.
Thanks to the Cuthbert leaders for a great day.



by Emma and Annick

Parents Visit Year 5

This afternoon we had the pleasure of the company of the parents and grandparents of the Year 5 girls.The classrooms were full to overflowing and there was great excitement as the girls shared what they have been doing in class. Having proudly shown their work off it was time to knuckle down and get stuck into a Maths lesson.
The lesson centred around probability and of course involved smarties. Each girl was given a 50g box of smarties and we calculated what the probability of getting a given colour was. We then used Microsoft Excel to create pie charts and column graphs to clearly display the data.
It was a really fun afternoon and we really liked being able to eat the smarties before going home.




Bathurst Camp

Year 5 really enjoyed our recent camp to Bathurst.
This 3 day excursion supplemented our unit of inquiry entitled ‘History can be viewed from a variety of perspectives.’

It was an action packed three days, we visited Echo Point, The Three Sisters, Jenolan Caves, the Bathurst Goldfields, The Sheep and Cattle Drome and Mt Piper Power Station.
It was a wonderful 3 days. We hope you enjoy this collection of memories.

Father Daughter Breakfast

On the 26th of August our school had a delicious father daughter breakfast with eggs and bacon, juices and the best pastries. On top of all of this food there were sensational beverages such as hot chocolates, coffees and tea served from a cafe van. There was also an amazing photo booth that brought father and daughter together for a magical photo.

Another highlight was some exciting lucky door prizes for both dads and students. The dad’s prize included some beer and a few bottles of wine. For the winner it was definitely worth coming to the breakfast. The student’s prize included a voucher for the most popular shop- SMIGGLE!!

There was also a Father’s Day raffle with the prize being a beautiful hand knitted blanket. The money that was raised went to a school we sponsor in Kenya run by a charity called So they Can.

Maths challenges were next on the agenda. The fathers and their daughters went up to the classroom and did some mathematical thinking as they undertook the following challenge. Design as many houses as you can while following these rules:

1. All the houses are to be made from four cubes.
2. They all have to be different.
3. The same design should not be achieved once rotated on its base.
4. They may be a mirror image of another design.
5. Each house has to have a solid foundation of at least one square.

There was a lot of energy as fathers and girls persisted and trying their best to create as many houses as possible. How many do you think are possible and do you think you know how many shapes there are without twisting the shapes?

Overall this was a lovely experience that we shared with our dads. Year 5 students definitely enjoyed the morning. We look forward to the next father daughter breakfast.





Fathers Breakfast

Father Breakfast Stella
By Mia and Rosie

An Amazing Trip to the City

On Thursday the 20th of June, we went on an excursion to the ABC Ultimo Centre and the Art Gallery of NSW. Mrs TJ and Mrs B arranged it so we could build on our knowledge of music inspired by art. They organised a cool double decker bus to take us to all these informative but fun places. There was lots of bagging seats on the upper deck, but luckily some of us wanted to go on the bottom!

First we went to the ABC Ultimo Centre, which was fantastic!
We saw a small orchestra play with the theme of ‘Music inspired by art’. There was a school that made a piece of music inspired by construction in green. They used a drum, a tambourine, maracas and the symbols. Then we had the cello make a representation of a seagull and the double base did a motorbike. They interacted with us and asked us intriguing questions. Thank you to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra for such wonderful performances. We are amazed the talent you displayed.

Afterwards when the concert had finished, the bus took us to the botanical garden for lunch. After we had eaten, we had some time to run around. Mrs TJ put us into groups to go around the Art Gallery. We had 4 fabulous parent helpers, and of course our teachers as well.

We were lucky enough to go and explore the wonderful artworks that were submitted into the Archbold category. There were some amazing artworks there. We received a booklet that led us around the whole art gallery, thinking deeply about the artworks. As we got to one area of the gallery, there was a painting of a fashion designer called Jenny Kee, and by coincidence, there she was! She gave us a little improv talk on how the artist Carla Fletcher painted her. Carla Fletcher painted Jenny Kee in abstract colours against a bold black background, which really made it stand out. There were so many unbelievable artworks in the gallery! As we stepped back outside of the gallery, we think everyone was once again amazed by the talents of all the artists.

Finally, we returned to the Botanical Gardens to have one last run around. As we boarded bus for the return trip to school. We have a lot to reflect on, what a wonderful day we had. A humongous thank you to Mrs TJ and Mrs B and all the parent helpers.

By Polly and Sarah



Early Book Week Celebrations

Last week Year 5 was fortunate enough to have ‘Perform educational musicals’ come and present the musical ‘Shine a Light’ linked to the Book Week theme Books Light Up our World The musical taught us the things that we can do in our everyday life to stand up to the bad thoughts that we may have about ourselves. We took away many valuable lessons.

It was amazing how many different characters the actors could play in one scene. Their voices were amazing. We loved how we got to be involved and we all enjoyed singing, dancing and clapping along. It got us on our feet and moving our bodies.

We would highly recommend it to primary school students.

Written by Keira and Ashleigh

Living Things Adapt and Change to Survive

What a whopping start to Term 3! The Junior School Musical, the Athletics Carnival, what more could we do! But, what has really been going on in the classroom? In our exciting Unit of Inquiry, we have been learning about Living Things and how they adapt and change to survive.

We started the term off with a fun activity, where we had to try and determine what our transdisciplinary theme was. We watched a video about an Australian man called Nick Vujicic. He has no limbs, but that doesn’t stop him from doing what he wants to do. He is a great inspiration for everyone, saying that anything is possible.

After watching this video, Year 5 decided we would give ourselves some challenges that we wouldn’t usually do in our everyday lives. Some of the challenges were – writing with our feet, typing with straws in our mouths and picking up marshmallows with toothpicks in our mouths!

Each class from Year 5 were told what our central idea was (as stated above). We started looking at Structural and Behavioural Adaptations. Year 5 gave some examples about different adaptations of plants and animals from different areas and conditions that they can live in. We looked at plants and animals in polar regions, grasslands, high altitude areas, rainforests and many more. Year 5 then researched selected a plant or animal and researched its structural and behavioural adaptations so that we could compose a factual text based on it.

Coming back to school the week after, everyone from Year 5 were ready to write their information reports. Many different plants and animals were chosen. Some of them were- the Venus Flytrap, the Polar Bear – the Cheetah and the Aa plant. Barely anyone knew what the Aa plant was, not even the teachers!

In the next lesson, after everyone had finished writing their information reports, we were told that we had to make a Podcast about our chosen plant or animal that we had written our information reports on. A podcast! Everyone was so excited that we were making podcasts. Most people didn’t really know what a Podcast was, but they sounded interesting. We were given the next lesson to record our Podcasts.

After the recording of our podcasts, we conducted an investigation to see which bird beak is best for eating certain foods. The foods we used were – sour worms, popcorn seeds, sultanas, polystyrene balls, M and M’s and leaves. These foods represented the foods birds would eat. We used tweezers, tea strainers, tea spoons, chopsticks and cocktail forks to represent the bird beaks. We had to use different bird beaks to see how much food we could get into the stomach within 45 seconds. The stomach was represented by a plastic cup. We found that tech birds beak is especially adapted to the type of food it eats.

Unit of Inquiry has been one of the many fun areas of study in Year 5 this term. More exciting investigations are to be conducted and we can’t wait to tell you the results!

Written by Elinor







Term 3 Update

Year 5 have had a fabulous start to Term 3. Here are just two things that we have enjoyed.

We started off the term with the athletics carnival! It was lots of fun and there were many fast runners. But running fast wasn’t the only thing Roseville did in this carnival. We ran, we cheered, we ate, we encouraged others to do their best and we congratulated people after their race. There were many fun races including the 100, 200, 800, 1500, and the mother daughter race, the dad race, the inter house relay and the championship relay. There was also the high jump, the long jump, javelin, shot put and discuss. We had so much fun and everyone was so supportive and encouraging. We all did so well and after each race the House Leaders gave each participant a lolly. But that wasn’t all we did at the start of this term.

We were fortunate to have Healthy Harold visit to our school this term. Healthy Harold is a puppet giraffe who works for an organisation that goes to schools all over Sydney to teach students about how they can stay healthy. Harold tells us lots of jokes and teaches us about what to do and eat when you want to stay healthy. This year we learned about the effects of smoking and what is in a cigarette. Did you know that tar, ammonia and nicotine are in a cigarette? Well they are and tar is what builders use to make roads, ammonia is in toilet cleaners and nicotine is in bug spray! Did you know that by smoking it can decrease your senses? Well now all of year 5 know this because we all learnt about it from Healthy Harold. It was so interesting and very fun! We are all looking forward for our next visit with Healthy Harold!

Year 5 together with the rest of the Junior School also have been prepping for our musical the Little Mermaid Junior which you will soon be able to read about in another post.

Photo on 23-07-2015 at 2.48 pm

Photo on 23-07-2015 at 2.59 pm #2




This term has been great so far and we can’t wait for more fun in the term coming and we are going to try really hard to blog each week for the rest of the year.
Written by Annabelle and Annika

ANZAC Day Commemorations

Year 5 has been engaged in learning about the meaning of ANZAC Day and the need for us to be thankful to the nurses and armed forces who have represented us in all conflicts and peace keeping missions. Without them we would not be able to enjoy the lifestyles we are so fortunate to have.

On the first day back of school we were lucky to have a very interesting and informative presentation by ICONIC Productions entitled ‘The ANZAC Story’. This was very moving tribute to the ANZACs. We learned more about what conditions are really like for the armed forces and nurses during wars and the impact these conflicts have on friends and families back home.

Throughout the week we also had the opportunity to view a range of other multimedia presentations and books including “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda” by Eric Bogle. There are a number of good clips of this song on You Tube.

We wrapped up our reflections on Friday when our Year 10 students ran an excellent ANZAC Service. Each girl in the school made their own poppy and these were placed on our own remembrance wall. The service was concluded with the laying of a wreath.

We have certainly developed a greater understanding of the sacrifices made by all nurses and armed forces members and the futility of war.

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.”

Lest we forget.


Day 2: Outdoor Education Camp

We woke to fantastic weather today and we certainly made the most of it. Following breakfast we spent some great time with our Cru leaders learning more about God’s great love for us.
After some tasty morning tea, it was back to our activity rotations for the rest of the day. Once again every girl certainly challenged themselves to move out of their comfort zone and each girl was proud of their accomplishments. There was no doubt that for most girls the most challenging activities were rock climbing and The Leap of Faith, although archery and initiative games were thoroughly enjoyed.
After dinner the eagerly awaited camp concert was held. It was wonderful to see so many of our classmates taking to the stage. There were dancing acts, drama performances and even some comedy routines. A great deal of fun was had by all. We are now ready to catch some sleep as we recharge our batteries for our final day of camp.