Sharing the Planet

Semester 2 is underway and we have started our new unit of inquiry, ‘Sharing the Planet’. Our central idea is “Physical conditions affect the growth and survival of living things.
We commenced the unit with a provocation to engage us with the unit. Our teachers gave each of us a chocolate chip muffin covered in icing, sprinkles and some lollies on toothpicks. The icing represented the ground, the sprinkles undergrowth and the lollies on toothpicks represented trees. Using the muffin as a stimulus we had to imagine an environment and then list the plants and animals that might live there. We then were told to dig for a resource (of our choosing) represented by the choc chips. Once we had collected all resources we contemplated what plants and animals might now live in the environment.
Finally, we considered what questions this provocation raised in our minds. A few of these questions were: Why do humans mine with no apparent care for the environment? Can the destruction of one environment impact another? Will new species move into environments that have been impacted by man?

2 thoughts on “Sharing the Planet

  1. hello
    we really like how you done that experiment because you used the choc chips and we wanted to know if you got to eat the muffins?

    from jay and olivia

    thank you

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