Healthy Harold

Year 5 was visited by Healthy Harold this week. We all had a lot of fun learning more about the dangers of smoking. It was interesting to learn more about how our body reacts to the toxins in cigarettes and how these can effect the our body. We learned some new vocabulary as well including trachea, alveoli, cilia and bronchial tube. Do you know what these terms mean? One of the things that really surprised us was that there are 4003 chemicals in each cigarette and more than 60 of these are proven to cause cancer. Amazingly is it estimated that 7.2 billion cigarette butts are still thrown into the Australian environment every year. Thank to Libby for a real fun and informative session.

7 thoughts on “Healthy Harold

  1. Hi Miss W,
    We are delighted that you have enjoyed our Year 5 blog. We would love our students to visit your blog too, so would be grateful if you could share your blog URL with us.
    Mrs F

  2. Hi Mr A!

    We are a year 5 class in a Brighton and Hove school in the United Kingdom and we’re starting to research blogs as part of our computing topic.

    We’ve found your blog very interesting and useful for our topic. It’s great to see such a good example of a blog post to base our own entries on.

    Thank you!
    Miss W (and class)

  3. Hi year 5, I loved reading about your visit from Healthy Harold. I finished Primary school over a decade ago in Australia and I even had a visit from Healthy Harold. Wow.

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