Outdoor Ed Camp : Day 2

We have had another great day and once again the weather has been kind to us. This morning we spent some time with our Cru leaders learning more about God’s great love for us. After morning tea we completed our activity rotations that we started yesterday.
Once lunch had been enjoyed we broke into new activity groups and went canoeing, fishing and sailing. Lots of girls caught some small fish and claimed to have kissed them before throwing them back, unfortunately there is no evidence of this. The canoeing challenges were enjoyed by all and yes two groups did manage to capsize their vessels, how this was achieved is still a puzzle. For many the highlight of the afternoon was sailing on the catamarans. There was a beautiful breeze which made for great conditions, especially for those who had never sailed before.
Day 2 drew to a close with the traditional camp concert. The wide variety of talent on show all goes well for the future of the Australian theatre and musical scene.

10 thoughts on “Outdoor Ed Camp : Day 2

  1. wow of fish you guys you caught a load of fish and I really like the website.

  2. looks like you lot had a lot of fun😎😎😎😎😎

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