Outdoor Ed Camp – Day 1

What a great first day at our Outdoor Education Camp at Lake Macquarie. We have been blessed by a wonderful sunny day.When we arrived we were broken up into three activity groups and during the course of the day we rotated around activities. These included: Log Roll, Rafting, Abseiling and Mission Impossible (a challenge that required thinking outside the box and teamwork to solve a range of challenges.)
We all had a great day and proved to ourselves that we could rise to the challenges presented to us.
The day concluded with a trip down to the lake to watch the sunset and then some fun activities led by the Cru leaders.
We are looking forward to another great day tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Outdoor Ed Camp – Day 1

  1. Hya

    we also wish you had an amazing day with loads of sun and activities to come 🙂
    How was your adventure of mission impossible?
    How many days were you there for?

    Thank YOU
    MEGAN and ATAR

  2. Hi Emma,

    We sure did have a wonderful time. I’m glad that you still recall the fun that you had at Camp!

    Mrs F

  3. Hi Mr A and Mrs F,
    I remember loving abseiling, loving log roll, failing spectacularly at survival rafting and loving the games on the first night. It sounds like year 5 had lots of fun! 🙂

  4. Hi Mia, we don’t have that organisation here, but something very similar.

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