Science in Action

Since returning to school from our holidays we have been fully engaged in Science! Each student has come up with a science investigation related to solids, liquids and gases. We have been predicting, explaining, observing and recording. There is great excitement as the experiments unfold. Not everything always goes to plan but we are learning to think as scientists and to go back and try again. Here are some photos from the many different investigations that have taken place.

Can you guess what is happening in our experiments?

13 thoughts on “Science in Action

  1. !wow! this is so good to prove we can do it I hope all the girls have fun because it seems so. what was the best part

  2. Hi!
    I think that your photos represents you working on solids,liquids and gases.`
    In my school in year 5,once we learned about solids,liquids and gases too.It was so fun and I hope that you enjoyed your lesson about it too.

    Hello, i’m her partner in English and we both have the same question:

    what is your favourite out of solids,liquids and gases and why?

  3. Hello, i enjoyed your post about the science you have done in your school. In our class, we are learning about air resistance by working in pairs to make three parachutes of different sizes. We dropped them by getting the tallest person in the group and we dropped them while standing on a chair and we recorded how long it will take to hit the ground. Using the different types of parachutes.

    Have you every tested air resistance with parachutes?

  4. Hello,your activities in your class look like a lot of fun !
    In our class we are learning about forces and here is a fact : Issac Newton was the person who descovered gravity .

    Have you ever created a parachute to test air resistance ?

  5. Hello we love your blog with all the things you’ve put on of your work .
    we love your experiments we are learning forces of action.

    How many experiments have you done?

  6. Hello, I love your blogs.i am really interested in science especially in solids,liquids and gases.We are learning about air resistance by seeing if the area of a parachute effects the time it falls.
    Have you ever learnt about air resistance?

  7. Hello,I am a big fan of this post because I am very interested in science.
    In my class we are learning about Forces in action and we used parachutes to show air resistance.

    Have you ever done air resistance?

  8. Hello, I really like your blog and what you have done!
    Our class are doing forces for Science subject.
    In our class we got into group of three,we made three different sized parachutes and we dropped them experimenting witch would fall quickest.

    Have you ever made a parachute testing air resistance?

  9. Hi! I love what you doing, I don’t know what your doing but I wish I was there.

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