The Year 5 Virtual Museum

Year 5 have been working very hard to research and prepare information related to the development of Australia throughout the 19th century. We have focused on the central idea that “History can be viewed from a variety of perspectives”. Please take the time to wander through our museum. It contains many rooms and artefacts all of which you can access via a mouse click. Click the image below then click the full screen icon to view our museum with ease. Signs and links are designed to help you navigate your way around the museum. Parents and other visitors, after your visit Year 5 would love to hear your feedback. Please leave us a comment on this blog and let us know which rooms you found the most interesting and where you learned the most.

9 thoughts on “The Year 5 Virtual Museum

  1. Hi Year 5,
    We love your virtual museum of the 19th century it is great ! It is really informative and I have learnt a lot of interesting facts. Thanks for this great virtual museum. I found the “Life on the Goldfields” room particularly interesting
    Jo B

  2. Well done Year 5 your virtual museum is amazing. You have put so much research and effort into it. I particularly enjoyed reading about the impact that the goldmines had on the Aboriginal people. A lot of their land was taken over by the goldmines making it hard for them to find food and shelter. I would love to visit Bathurst one day and see the goldfields for myself.

  3. Great work Year 5, and what an interesting and innovative way to learn. I enjoyed reading about the Chinese experience of the goldfields. I think our society has come a long way since those days. Well done to all contributors.

  4. Hi Year 5, Awesome presentation shown in such a captivating format. It reminded me how this period in Australia’s history was akin to America’s wild west. You could make or lose a fortune in the blink of an eye!!!
    Have fun, Paul and Sheridan

  5. Hi Year 5. What a wonderful way to learn about Australian life in the 19th century! You have all done an amazing job. I’ve have learned so much by going to your virtual museum. I found the “Life on the Goldfields” room particularly interesting. Well done!
    Kate S

  6. What a fantastic idea and a great way to share your knowledge with anyone who can’t get to Bathurst. I really enjoyed the virtual museum and learnt lots of interesting facts. Thanks! Jo M

  7. Hi Year 5,
    What fantastic work everyone! I enjoyed looking through your virtual museum and discovering lots of well-researched information in each room.
    In particular, I found myself lingering in the “Notable People” room. When I was at school I remember looking at old Edward Hargreaves so when I read about him (thanks Erin) it brought back lots of memories!
    I look forward to showing my children your hard work later today,
    Mrs W-R

  8. Wow year 5! I am so impressed, I have never visited a virtual museum before! It was very easy to navigate, well done! I particularly found interesting the information about women and children in early Australia and about the Aborigines and their experiences. Great work.

  9. Hi Year 5,
    Your virtual museum of the 19th century is fantastic ! You have covered so much great information – each of the rooms was so interesting. I learnt a lot going through each room. I didn’t know that Shetland ponies were used in the mines – sometimes for 26 years ! I also learnt that the first policemen in the goldfields were aboriginals. What did you enjoy the most about this topic ? Thanks for this great virtual museum.
    Jo S

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