Year 5 Survivor

In our current Unit of Inquiry we are exploring the idea that “Living things adapt and change to survive”.

As scientists we proposed a hypothesis about plant survival and we have been making observations over a number of weeks.

These are the plants we have been observing. The one on the left is a succulent. The one on the right is a fern. They are outside our classroom, on a covered verandah. They have not received any water or food.


Which plant is best adapted to survive in these conditions? What features do they that have to help them survive?

Let us know your predictions and we will let you know our results and conclusions.

21 thoughts on “Year 5 Survivor

  1. i think its the Succulent because it looks like aloe Vera and aloe Vera does’nt need much water so it may go a week lomger than the other one.

  2. We are in a school in Wales. We are learning how to write a blog. We have enjoyed reading your blog.

    From Beech Class,
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  3. i found this experiment really fun and interesting. i thought that the succulent would survive better than the fern would.

  4. In UOI we had to make many observations about to plants a succulent and a fern. Every few weeks Mrs T would take photos of the two plants and we would have to write down many observations we saw that were different about the plants. My hypothesis was that I thought that the succulent would survive better in the sun than the fern. The succulent had bigger and thicker leaves. It turned out that the succulent survived better because it still looked alive and two buds in the middle were starting to grow. The fern looked really droopy and brown. This experiment made me more curious.

  5. The succulent survived longer than the fern and grew! I think the succulent grew because it carries water in the leaves.

  6. In UOI we are learning “ How Living things adapt and change to survive”. We did a experiment exploring this concept. We started by setting out two plants a fern and a succulent, we said that we would not give the plants any water. We made a hypothesis and started the experiment, my hypothesis was that the succulent would last in a school environment longer than the fern. Mrs T took some photos through out the term and some in the holidays. We observed them and wrote down their changes, one of the changes was that the succulent grew a bud in the middle of the plant. In the end my hypothesis proved correct.

  7. I think that the succulent is better adapted because it has thick fleshy leaves that can store water and that it doesnt need much water. The fern is not as adapted because it needs a lot of water but can go dormant. (sleep) It has spores that can drop off when better weather comes along. That’s how the fern was one of the first plant to come back to life once the meteor eradicated the dinosaurs. With our experiment the fern could have gone dormant.

  8. I think the succulent will survive better because it stores water inside it and it has thicker leaves as to the fern it has very thin leaves and it doesn’t store water inside it.
    What i learned from this experiment is that the succulent survived much better than the fern because the fern was very dead and the succulent can survive much better than the fern without out getting any water.

  9. This experiment was really fun and I enjoyed doing it. I predicted that the fern would win because of the spores that keep it alive for a long time. The Succulent could also win because it can store water in its leaves. Over the time we saw that the succulent was looking healthier unlike the fern which looked like it was slowly dying. I still think the fern could win because the fern just might be dormant.


  10. I predicted that the succulent would survive because it can store water and its leaves are shaped in a cup so all the water will run down its leaves to its roots. Its a bit of a clue that the succulent will survive because it lives in the desert.

    The succulent looks healthier because it has grown two new leaves.

    Its confusing because the fern could be alive in its dormant state.

  11. I loved finding out about the succulent and the fern
    I know that the succulent survived better than the fern and the succulent gots its got fleshy leaves to store water and also some how it kept growing.
    I wonder what will happen when the succulent gets water.
    I think we should have done it for a lot longer

  12. the succulent looks much healthier than the fern so the succulent survived much better than the fern. the succulents features that help it survive are that it is made better for living in the desert or without water and the fern is better made for the rainforest and with water but then it can go dormant.I predict that the succulent will live longer since it is also growing new parts.

  13. I thought Inquiry was very interesting and exciting. I enjoyed making the experiment about the succulent and the fern and the whole sharing the planet subjects.

  14. Hi,

    My prediction is that the succulent will survive longer in these conditions because the succulent has thick and fleshy leaves and stores water in its fleshy leaves.

    Holly F

  15. It was interesting to see those the succulent and fern adapt and change to survive. We all made a hypothesis to which plant would survive in the environment we put it in, without water or food.
    Succulent: Vast, fleshy leaves that can store a lot of water. The succulent inhabits dry places as it can last without water for a long time.

    Fern: Has small delicate leaves. The fern has spores on itself to protect it. When a fern looks dead it may be dormant and come back to life.

    I knew that the succulent would survive the best as it can store water in its leaves and it can last a long time without water. And my hypothesis was correct.

  16. Unit of Inquiry was awesome! I learnt that living things adapt to their environment and they have features designed to survive in different environments. Thanks Mrs T and Mrs F

  17. Doing this experiment made me more observant and think a lot more. It was really exciting watching how the plants grew and die. I cant wait until we find out if the fern grows again.


  18. I guessed that the succulent would survive and it did it was really interesting that the succulent adapted to its new way of living it actually grew

  19. I remember when we just started that. My hypothesis was that the succulent would survive because it can grow without water and it can store water. I thought the fern would die because it has thinner leaves and it cannot grow without water. I still don’t think the fern will come back to life.


  20. I found that this experiment was really fun and I really enjoyed it. I thought that the succulent plant would survive better and it did.

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