Reflecting on Camp

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Alice – I really felt happy that I was able to abseil down the 10m wall! I had previously done a 5m abseil but it was good to push myself even further.

IMG_2423Charlotte – The ‘Mission Impossible’ challenge clearly showed us all that working as a TEAM has many benefits. I learned that listening to everyone’s ideas and using the skills of everyone is very important.

Kayley – I have loved every activity that we have been involved in. I feel like I have really stepped outside my comfort zone! I loved the ‘Log Roll’. I kept trying to get to the end. I didn’t quite make it, but I didn’t give up trying.

Ashley F – I am really scared of heights but I challenged myself to complete the 10m abseiling challenge. It was scary but I felt great to have succeeded in my personal challenge.

Mia M – Abseiling down the 10m wall was a huge challenge for me. I found it quite scary to start upright however I didn’t want to give up. My leader suggested I wiggle over the edge and concentrate on  completing small bits of the challenge at a time. I succeeded! I made it to the bottom!

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11 thoughts on “Reflecting on Camp

  1. Hi Teagan,
    Thanks for visiting our blog. We would love to add your class blog to our blogroll so that we can stay in touch. Can you let us know the address?

  2. Looks like you all had a great time Im new. My class are starting a blog. Me and my friend Rachel will be opening a cosmetics review blog.

  3. Even though I didn’t get to do some of the activities I still really enjoyed watching the other girls do activities e.g. log roll.

  4. Reflecting on camp I remember giving the activities a try and having fun. I also enjoyed making new friends and talking to the camp leaders. I really really enjoyed camp and I think that its a great place to go and have fun.

  5. It is great to see that you are all having a fantastic time. Keep the blogs coming and have a good night’s sleep.
    James (Ella’s Dad)
    Quick Dad joke – Why did the one handed man cross the road?…..He wanted to get to the second hand shop.

  6. You all look like you are having so much fun! I can’t wait until I am in Year 5.
    Love Kate (Ella’s little sister).

  7. Hi..: I love that you are all challenging yourselves and finding out how wonderful you really are :/)
    Ella P’s mum

  8. Great to hear your news girls!! we are so envious … have a terrific day today daring to do something new
    from Sharon (Kayley’s mum)

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