Mission Impossible

In this activity, we were involved in a number of problem solving tasks.

One of the most challenging tasks was trying to ‘transport’ our team of 17 girls across a ‘bottomless pit’ (imaginary) using 5 ‘floating stones’ (small mats). We had to think creatively as well as cooperatively.

Another challenging task was getting our team through a barrier in a very creative way. Many girls had good ideas and we realised that it was important that each girl’s ideas were heard. We realised that listening and then waiting our turn to contribute, were two very important skills which would help us to succeed in our challenge.

At the end of the activity, we reflected on what we had learned. We were asked to come up with a catchy ‘HEADLINE’ which would summarise something important that we had learned through these activities.

A few HEADLINES composed by some of the girls are shown below.

Ashley F, Kayley, Grace and Sienna F


Mission Imp


3 thoughts on “Mission Impossible

  1. That sure does involves a lot of team work. I love the all the headlines but especially the one that says:
    Mission Impossible?
    Teamwork makes it possible!

    I also think that it is important that everyone’s ideas are heard even if they have the quietest voice or are quite shy.


  2. Sounds like a great experience and everyone had to work together to achieve something …

  3. Wow that sounds like fun. There’s nothing like teamwork to find a solution to a difficult problem. I hope everyone got across the bottomless pit!

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