Catch of the Day

Our fabulous Day 2 in pictures! And the concert is yet to come…

4 thoughts on “Catch of the Day

  1. Hi: Year 5
    From your blog posts it looks like you had a great time at camp! Thank you for leaving such interesting blog posts about camp, What was your favorite part of camp? What food did they serve at camp? What was the scariest part of camp? Did you go fishing? if so who caught that huge fish? It sounds like camp was so much fun, abseiling looked so scary it must have been a challenge, it would have been a challenge for me.
    From Sienna S

  2. What great fun girls! Great catch! You make fishing without a fishing rod look quite simple. I remember fishing as a child WITH a fishing rod and waiting for hours until something bit onto the hook! Looking forward to hearing all your news when we see you back at school tomorrow.
    SHaron (kayley’s mum)

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