Cuthbert Fund Raiser

On Thursday the 17th the Cuthbert fundraiser was held to raise money for Save the Children Fund.
We all had fun dressing up as our favourite character from a movie of our choice as our theme was β€œShine like a Movie Star.” A best dressed competition was held and the winner from each grade received a tasty prize.
At lunch, we watched Toy Story while enjoying some delicious pop corn and lollies.
Thanks to the Cuthbert leaders for a great day.



by Emma and Annick

14 thoughts on “Cuthbert Fund Raiser

  1. Hi Everyone,
    Lindsey here. Thank you for your wonderful comments! Yes it was so much fun. We loved dressing up as our favorite movie characters, eating treats while watching a movie and so much more! We cannot wait for our next fundraiser.


  2. You all look fantastic and i hope you raised lots of money .I hope you had an awesome day.

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