Why do we Blog in Year 5?

We are very grateful to a wonderful teacher in Victoria for her assistance in writing this post. You can read her full post here.


In Year 5 we believe that blogging has many benefits for both students, teachers and parents.

Firstly, we are writing and posting for an authentic or real audience. This year we have attracted over 8500 visitors from over 82 different countries to our blog. We receive daily comments from around the world and we are able to share our work, thoughts and questions with all of those visitors.
Secondly our visitors, whether friends, family or world-wide classmates can see what we are learning and thinking about in Year 5.
Thirdly we are learning much needed ICT skills and all about Cyber Safety in a real and authentic way.

I went to an exciting conference last week which was all about the use of technology in education. I came away with many new ideas but more than that I came away secure in the knowledge that here in Year 5 we are on the right path.

You students will be tomorrows leaders. You will need to be creative, resourceful problem solvers. You will be the ones who will need to live in a world beyond our current imagination. You will need to continue to be the amazing learners you are now, all of your lives.


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