Baker’s Delight!

Today, to consolidate what we have been learning in Science lessons, we made bread.  We used a breadmaker and made 2 loaves of bread. They were identical except that the first loaf contained yeast and the second one did not.  We wanted to see, at first hand, the effect that yeast has on bread.  We have learned that yeast is a micro-organism that feeds on sugar and there is a chemical reaction that creates a gas called carbon dioxide.  The gas is what creates bubbles in the dough and makes the dough rise.  Our first loaf was taller, lighter and tastier than the second which was about half the height, quite doughy and chewy.  The photos will help you see the difference. Have you ever made bread?

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2 thoughts on “Baker’s Delight!

  1. Hello 5c, Making bread seems like a very fun thing to do. I have never made bread before but yours looks terrific! Even looking at the pictures of that bread you baked made my mouth water. Great Job for making such wonderfull tasting bread. That is a very nice thing to do in science.
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    Hope to write to you again soon, bye!

  2. Interesting experiment girls. When I was your age my family ran a bakery and along with lots of yummy cakes and treats we make there was a LOT of bread. One of the things that we did with all the bread was put it in a proover (yes, its a word!) and you can see them at this link The ones at this link are much smaller than we used … it was about five times the size.

    What do you think it was for?

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