Welcome back to Term 3

I hope that you are feeling refreshed and relaxed after your winter holidays.  We are ready to start another busy term. I really enjoy the break from the rush of my life during term time and I find that I have more time to think and to read, to talk with family and friends, and to catch up doing lots of good things that don’t get done in term time, like going to the movies. I also know that I have missed being at school and being part of your learning journey.

I know some lucky year5rc members have been overseas and interstate and others have stayed at home like me. I hope you are all ready to travel back to Antarctica to continue our learning about that amazing continent.  We are continuing are investigations about microorganisms in Science, launching into the new term’s novel study, venturing out to the Art Gallery of New South Wales and much more.  There is plenty on the horizon so the beginning of term is a good time to look at how far we have already come in 2011.

You have all been taught lots of things but I wonder how much you have learned?

My challenge to you this term is to really take seriously the idea that you can take control and be in charge of your own learning. No-one else can do it for you. There are plenty of people to help you along the way but actually it is up to you.  Will you take on my challenge?

2 thoughts on “Welcome back to Term 3

  1. Hi Mrs Thomas,
    I am still on holidays, which you probably would know because I wasn’t at school yesterday. At the moment, I am having breakfast on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. This afternoon, my family and I are going on a tour of Santa Monica on a bus. We are visiting the Chinese theatre, which is where famous movie stars have their hand prints. Before you ask, no, it’s NOT the Hollywood walk of fame. We will also visit the hills with the Hollywood sign. Yesterday, we went to DisneyLand and it was lots of fun. My brother and I went on loads of rides! We went to the ‘Star Wars Jedi Training Academy’ for my brother and he was picked by the ‘Jedi Knight’ to fight ‘Darth Vader’ along with some other kids.

    We fly back home on Wednesday, and to be honest, I am really exited about my last flight.


  2. Everyone in 4F is feeling great about the start of Term 3, and I’m sure we are all looking forward to progressing and learning new things this term and next term. Today was our first day back, and we all enjoyed meeting each other again and catching up with friends, as well as seeing our teachers again.

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