International Feast Day and our trip to the city

We had an amazing day on our last Wednesday of term, giving our country presentations to the other classes and feasting on all the delicious food everyone had brought from home. We also enjoyed a skype call to Miss T’s Year5/6 in New Zealand. We discovered that they are just like us! Not really that surprising, since we are all the same age and live in a similar part of the world. Our feast day was a great way to end a busy term in Year 5. We have learned about many things and have enjoyed getting to know one another. As a teacher I love to see the excitement that happens when students really get involved in their own learning. I saw this in Term 1 when so many of you took to edmodo like ‘ducks to water’ and have really embraced it as a great interactive learning tool. I particularly loved the contributions in the Frindle forum when students took on the role of characters! It was entertaining and insightful, a great example to me of how engaging technology can be. I wonder what the highlight of the term has been for you? and for your parents? Please comment to let us all know.

On Tuesday we travelled by train to the centre of Sydney to sing at the Easter in the City festival run by Fusion.  We sang well, enjoyed lots of fun activities and only got a little wet in the rain. It was lovely to have so many parents enjoy our performances.  This short movie made in Animoto shows you some of our day.

8 thoughts on “International Feast Day and our trip to the city

  1. Hi my name is trevy
    I am in Pams class in South Australia (yr 6/7)
    It sounds like you had an AWESOME time eating, singing and having LOTS of FUN! YAY!
    Bye Bye for now!

  2. Hi Mrs. Miller! Rachster from Adelaide.

    That trip looked like a heap of fun. I have never been to Sydney but I reckon you guys had a ball! Fantastic singing as well!

    Rachster 😀

  3. Hi guys my name is Hannah and Iam in pams class in Adelaide. your blog is really good .
    I think I would of been fun when you went.

  4. Hi my name is Hannah from Adelaide in SA. I have never been to your blog and i think that it is awesome. It looks like you had a lot of fun and it was a good experience.

  5. I agree with Jess H as we did have lots of fun singing in the city. Also being able to actually go and perform in the city was an amazing experience!!

    Sophie M.

  6. Wow! That Animoto video was fantastic! (and for no apparent reason the background reminded me of Valentines Day!). I think that it is was a great experience to perform and to be an audience at Easter in the City. I must say I agree with Tess W. that the balloon hats were very in-style, and lots of fun for us all! I hope that Easter in the City is experienced by lots more year 5 students in the future!

    Jess H.

  7. Dear 5M,

    Looks like you had a great time in the city. Something that caught my eye was your colourful balloon hat, very fashionable. I hope everyone enjoyed your singing. I wish I was there to eat all of that yummy food from all over the world.

    Tess. W

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