We made it! Silver coins buy a school and a goat!

As you know we have been raising money this year for  TEAR Australia.  Our target was $550 to purchase a community school.  We raised this and more! $50 extra means we have purchased a goat for a village.  We are amazed to see that little coins which on their own can’t buy anything can combine and do great things.  This is a very practical way to see that every little bit really does help, and so much can be achieved when people really work together.  As well as $600 from Year 5 our school community has donated another $950 to TEAR buy purchasing Christmas gifts ranging from school supplies and fish farming to toilets, goats or a self help group for women.  You might like to take a look at Arguably the World’s Most Useful Gift Catalogue and choose something yourself this Christmas.



4 thoughts on “We made it! Silver coins buy a school and a goat!

  1. I cannot believe that last year they managed to raise $600 dollars for this charity! I hope we can beat that number so we can buy a school as well! Plus it would be great to buy something else for a poor village. I suppose i’ll bring in some spare change tomorrow! Wow I sure hope mum has heaps of 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, and 5 cent coins!

  2. I always give to this charity. It is so good to think that somewhere in the world I have helped someone poor.

  3. I think we did a great job raising all that money we really worked hard for it. I am having a great time on holiday.so far i have been to Palm-beach and Avoca. Now i am just spending some time at home resting and continuing with my friends sleepover’s and other activities.

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