What does a good student leader look like?

Of course I don’t want to know what you actually look like!

but rather what a leader looks like on the inside, what qualities and characteristics does a young leader have?

We have reached the time in our school year when we turn some of our attention towards the election of school leaders for 2011. All year we have focused on qualities that are important to develop in ourselves; notably, respect, responsibility, resilience and strong relationships. Today we participated in leadership day. We came to school in mufti, we participated in some fun team building exercises, we thought about the Biblical idea of ‘servant leadership’ and we discussed what makes a good leader.  Our principal challenged us to look at the leadership demonstrated by Aung San Suu Kyi.

We learned that leaders need to ‘Speak Up’, ‘Plan Ahead’, ‘Take Responsibility’ and get involved in ‘Teamwork’. Much of what we did today comes from the Student Leadership program from Michael Grose and Sue McAdam
Our day has raised many questions…
What did you learn today?
What do you think makes a good leader?
What is the culture of our school and what sort of student leadership is needed?
How will you cope with the disappointment if you are not chosen?
If you are elected, how would like to be remembered?
Who are your role models?
Have you discovered areas in yourself that you can work on?
We would love to hear some responses both from inside our school and also from outside.
Can you tell us what happens in your school?

Photo by Stephen Brookes used with permission

9 thoughts on “What does a good student leader look like?

  1. Hi all,

    I nominate Alice for the best student blogger she is up to date she helps others she has a lot of pictures of her and her horses she is good with technology she has a lot of widgets she makes her videos really represent the beauty of Sydney that Mrs miller made she has written about a lot of excursions and school work she has written a lot of posts and more!

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  2. Hi Mrs Thomas,
    I think a good leader should have,
    courage, organished, freindly, cheerful, respect, a good role model, fair, kind, loyal, focused, intellagent, reliable, likeable, understandble and someone who consontacts.
    Thats what I think makes a good leader!


  3. Hi Year 5,
    I think that a good leader is inclusive, kind and caring, responsible, honest and organised. They also listen to other peoples opinions.
    From Darcey (Year 1)

  4. Hi year 5!

    I can remember leadership day last year, and I had to make some big decisions. I really hope you did well and made the right decisions!

    Alice and Ilana 🙂

  5. Good Luck everybody. All year sixes have been through what you have been through, but remember that only a handful of girls can become a leader. GOOD LUCK Year 5

  6. hello Mrs Thomas and Mrs Miller,
    I really enjoyed leadership day.
    I think a leader needs to have the following qualities:


    there are many more but i have to go now! Bye!
    From Charlotte H

  7. Hi Mrs Thomas,
    I think a good leader should have these qualities:
    ~ Respect
    ~ Courage
    ~ being a good role model
    ~ Organised

    I think I will cope with the disappointment of not being chosen for a captain quite well because I have had lots of different types of disappointment in my life like not getting chosen for SRC or not getting chosen to speak at an assembly so I am used to it.

    If I was elected I would like to be remembered as a good person who is respectful and friendly to everyone.

    My role models would probably be kindy, year 1 and year 2. If you do the wrong thing they will think it’s the right thing and they will copy you.

    From Kate

  8. it sounds like you have had an very interesting time learning about becoming leaders. I have some questions for you to consider.

    What would happen if we were all leaders?Do we need to have followers? Do we need to learn to be good followers as well? What is a good follower? Are leaders or followers more important?

    I am sure there will be some excellent leaders amongst you all but will there be excellent followers/supporters?

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