Buried Treasure

Today was the culmination of our unit of work on Antarctica.  We have spent many weeks learning about the many and varied aspects of this amazing and unique environment but we have been left with a question to ponder.

Years from now when the world debates whether the minerals to be found in Antarctica should be mined, will we remember the fun we had this afternoon while we dug for buried treasure?

We were set a challenge to ‘mine’ for the rich minerals in Antarctica.  Our Antarctica was a small piece of chocolate brownie, the treasure were white and dark choc chips and our tools were toothpicks.

Is it possible to mine in Antarctica and remove the minerals without destroying the surrounding environment?


maybe it is…IMG_0833IMG_0842

but then again, maybe it’s not….IMG_0838IMG_0839Do you think we should mine for the resources in Antarctica?

Should we risk damaging the environment?

What if we run out of coal or oil?  Will it be OK to mine in Antarctica in the future?

If we don’t want to mine in Antarctica what else can be done if the world is running short of resources like coal and oil?

Let us know what you think about this important issue.

2 thoughts on “Buried Treasure

  1. Hi Mrs Miller and Mrs Thomas,
    I had great fun looking for “Buried Treasure” in Mrs Millers chocolate brownies. But I have to say they were the BEST!!!!!! I only found 4 white chocolates and 1 or 2 dark chocolates.


  2. Here are answers to the questions,

    1. I think that we should defintly not mine in Antarctica

    2. yes i do think that

    3.If we run out of thoose than we should mine in Antarctica but i think we should not mine until we run out.


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