Buying a school with our loose change!

Are those annoying silver coins in your wallet worth anything?  They certainly are in our classroom.

We have been collecting 5cent and 10cent pieces in Year 5 this year.  We a hoping to raise enough money to buy a Community School through the TEAR FUND.


To do this we need $550. So far we have collected $264 and we are half way through the year so we are just about on target! We are just collecting silver coins because these don’t seem to be of much value on their own but when we put them all together we think they can make a real difference.  Our money will buy “a dedicated teacher, plus simple learning materials, to give children the opportunity for a quality primary or pre-primary education” in a poor community in Pakistan, Laos or Zambia. Our money pays for teacher training, salary and a year’s running costs.  The TEAR FUND is a Christian organisation who, we think, are doing really good work.

Do you think we can make it to our goal?

11 thoughts on “Buying a school with our loose change!

  1. One of our gorgeous Kindy girls, Amelie, found $5 in the street outside our school. Rather than keep it herself she brought it into the office. As it hasn’t been claimed Amelie has very kindly donated this money to the Year 5 collection for TEAR. Thanks Amelie!

  2. Hey Year5,

    I know that we will defintly reach our goal I am going to bring in as many 5&10 pieces I can find and I will ask lots of people to help me.I hope that our money will help to make a really good school 🙂


  3. Dear Year 5,

    I think it is just terrific that you are raising money to help people who are less fortunate than you. It is easy to forget how lucky we are sometimes.

    Well done and I look forward to reading about you reaching your goal very soon!

    Miss McGeady

  4. Wow, Year 5! What a fantastic thing to do. I am impressed that you are working together to do this. I think I might need to start keeping my 5 and 10 cent coins to help you out!

    Mrs Humphries

  5. I hope you find $550 in time and admire people willing to give their money to other people to help them. Especially when it comes to education. Keep up the good work!
    From, Jess

  6. i think this is a great idea it would be great if you could buy a school and only using 5 and 10 cent coins who need the education keep the great working going!!!!

    meagan year 6rc

  7. I think this is a great idea collecting money to buy a school for children who need education.
    keep up the great work

  8. We take everything for granted. The school we are in the house we live in and even when it is cold and we go through our bags and get a horrible coloured but still warm and comforting woolen jumper. People all over the world live in freezing conditions and barley have enough clothes to survive the start of Autunm let alone the freezing months in the middle of winter. collecting loose change and giving it to a school is a wonderful idea it gives less fourtunate people an opportunity to be educated and have a career. Maybe you coulod even ask your grand-parents and family friends for even a gold coin. Personly i think your goal is very achiveable and you may be able to acomplish more than that.
    Hapy colecting and make sure to not give up!!!

  9. I think it is great you’re collecting money for the people with no education. And you are absouluty right if you put all the silver coins together it will sum up to $550 in no time. Keep collecting!

  10. Dear mrs thomas. I think that if we try really hard we might be able to get more than just a school that would be really good. Also i think that if we look around the house we’ll find a lot of spare change. From Sioned

  11. i think it is really fantastic how many people are willing to give their money to people in need.
    My family sponsors a child through world vision. Her name is Awa Ba. She loves playing with dolls!

    So please every one bring in your spare 5&10c pieces so we can buy a school!

    Charlotte H

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