Year 5 rise to the challenge

In class today we made two loaves of bread.  We made them in a breadmaker and followed a recipe.  Both loaves were exactly the same except the second loaf had no yeast.  We have been learning all about yeast and know that yeast feeds on sugar and produces carbon dioxide.  We have done experiments in bottles but wanted to see the effect that yeast has on dough.  These photos show the difference.



The loaf with yeast rose to about 13cm and it was light and airy and tasted delicious!  The second loaf was heavy, it rose to only 5cm and looked and tasted more like dough.  Even though it didn’t taste much like bread we all gobbled it up anyway!

9 thoughts on “Year 5 rise to the challenge

  1. Yr 5,
    I can’t believe you actually made a loaf of bread that rose to 13 centimetres!are you going to make bread again? How did the bread taste?
    From, Jess

  2. Hey guys
    Making the bread seemed like it was so much fun. I am in year 6 and our bread wasn’t too much of a success because one of them collapsed. I can’t believe your only year 5 and you made perfect bread.

  3. Hello,
    This looks realy fun and enjoyable. I am in year six and we only did that this year! You guys must be smart to do it in year five. Although I dont think that a doughy bread would be very nice to eat. I hope you had lots of fun, we sure did.

  4. I love what you are doing with science and math! Imagine the other possibilities for baking bread? Why do we talk about breaking bread together? How important is bread in our lives? What the different kinds of breads from different cultures around the world? I know that one of the first things I learned to cook from my mother, who is American Southern, was biscuits and cornbread (no yeast in either)!

  5. Hi,
    Making bread was so fun! My favorite type of bread was the second one, the one with out yeast. It tasted like dough. I’m going to make bread in holidays and when we get back to school I will tell you how it went. On Master Chef they used yeast and they used a lot of it and it came up in to a hole bowl. Yeast is amazing!!!!
    Tanks for a really fun term and see you back next term.

  6. Hi everyone,
    It souned like everyone had fun making bread. I am Greece and having a lot of fun. I have been to lots of beaches and it is very hot here about 33 derges. I am sailing around the Greeck island I have been to Corfu and Sivota so far but I am going to a lot of other places. Have a fun last day miss you all

  7. i think making bread was really fun and tasty. i am going to do the expriment with yeast.

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