End of Term Chapel

We we were all fortunate enough to participate in a great end of term Chapel service. Mrs V demonstrated how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly after it wraps itself up in a cocoon. She then talked about how we can be changed people if we wrap ourselves in God’s love. If we do, there won’t be a change in how we look but there will be a change of us inside. We will display more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and self control.

Last week in Chapel we had placed our names on pictures of caterpillars and attached them to a tree. At the end of assembly this week we all got to go up onto stage and collect a beautiful butterfly with the message written under it “Anyone who belongs to Christ is a new person.”

Happy Easter Year 5.



Outdoor Education Camp in Summary

Just after we went to bed last night the skies opened up and it poured with rain. Many of the girls did not hear it as they fell asleep so quickly. Fortunately by the time we awoke the rain had gone.
After a great breakfast (including bacon and eggs) we had another session with our Cru leaders. It was then time for a game of Statego (a version of Capture the Flag.) We played four rounds. 5A captured the flag on two occasions and 5O on one occasion, in the fourth no team was able to capture the flag. When all the points were added up 5A was declared the winner by the narrowest of margins.
In all it was a great camp. Special thanks to Miss S for all the behind the scenes organisation. A big congratulations to all girls for the way you gave all the challenges your very best shot even though many of you felt out of your comfort zone.

Outdoor Education Camp Day 2

The girls awoke to what promised to be a beautiful day full of exciting challenges. After breakfast the girls spent some time learning more about God’s great love for us with their Crusader’s leaders. It was then time for their activity rotations. Once again the girls participated in archery, rock climbing and initiative games. An additional activity for the day was the Leap of Faith. This involved the girls climbing a ladder and then a pole until they were approximately 10 metres off the ground. They then leapt of pole to try and touch a ball hanging further out. Of course they were fully harnessed. Every single girl is to be congratulated for the resilience they displayed during this challenging activity. It was wonderful to see their sense of accomplishment once they had completed their climb.
In then evening the girls had a great time participating in the camp concert.
It was then time for another well deserved rest.
IMG_0702IMG_0734 IMG_0718

Year 5 Outdoor Education Camp

Finally the first day of outdoor education camp has arrived. The girl have been looking forward to this day for many weeks now and we’re temporarily devastated when they learnt yesterday that the camp had been postponed. It is amazing how useful April Fools Day can be. However, they all learnt the truth and all arrived full of energy and excitement.
The girls have had a great day. After some fun orientation games and a bite of lunch it was time for the first round of activities. These were rock climbing, archery and initiative games. A great deal of fun was had by all and it was fantastic to see the resilience shown by the girls especially those who we’re participating in the rock climbing. The girls were fortunate enough to have some fun swimming and playing basketball and volleyball following afternoon tea.
After diner it was time for some more fun games including Princess Billionaire before heading off to a well earned rest so they could refresh for another amazing day tomorrow









Inquiring into Structural Adaptations

Today Year 5 investigated some structural adaptations of animals. We wanted to investigate how some animals adapt to living in cold climates. We timed how long it took for our bare hand to get cold when we placed it in ice cold water. We then put on a rubber glove and timed to see if it took any longer to feel the cold. Finally, we covered the glove in lard (animal fat) and timed how long it was before our hand got cold when it was placed in the ice cold water. We found that when we wore the glove covered in lard our hand definitely took longer to get cold. From this we gained a greater understanding about how animal blubber/fat helps to insulate seals and other animals that live in cold waters such as Antarctica and why animals that live in the tropics don’t require such structural adaptations.



Dragon Keeper Response

This term 5A is studying Dragon Keeper by Carole Wilkinson. We are really enjoying reading the book so far. Poor Ping was a slave to the Emperor and that started to make us think about what it would be like to be a slave. We were asked to conduct a small amount of research to find out about slaves lives and to then think about what slaves would have to do, how they would feel and what they might dream about. Darcey wrote an excellent response. Here is an excerpt from her work.
Looking down at my swollen, red, bleeding hands. I seem to have spent all day out in the fields planting new crops of corn and turnips for my Master. My back is covered in painful, blistering sores that are brutally burnt into my skin by the scorching sun. My face is hot and dripping with stinging salty sweat.

I don’t know what I have done, or why I am here. All I know is that I’m Black. The White people don’t like me they call me “Filthy”. I am considered to be “bad luck”. I was sold as a servant to Master Brown when I was five. My family loved me, yet I was taken away by evil men. Suddenly my world was changed. One side of America decided they didn’t like the other. I no longer have a life, or freedom, family or friends. I no longer have happiness.

“Make my dinner you filthy slave.” roars my angry master from the top balcony of the homestead. I have always found Master Brown to be one of those people who doesn’t know how lucky he is. After all, he has got five hard working slaves, plenty of money, a beautiful house and he doesn’t even have a job! He doesn’t know how hard the rest of us blacks have got it.”

“Yes Master.” I say submissively. He gazes over the fields, that I have been working on endlessly, my sweat and tears have gone into this, to make sure it is perfect for him. I would’ve thought he’d be happy with all these new crops planted. Instead he snickers, with an unpleasant look on his miserable face and slowly returns back to his room.

I run to the homestead leaving my old broom leaning on the side of the freshly painted wooden shed. I slowly creep into Master Brown’s house, making sure I don’t disturb him and his deep, dark, miserable silence. After creeping around like a tiny mouse, I attend to making his dinner. There is an awful lot of food for just one man. My stomach aches every night, at the wonderful thought of fresh vegetables, juicy meat and steamed potatoes. I get to work, adding the vegetables into the pot one by one. Beautiful smells wander from the food causing my mouth to water, I desperately want to take some food for me and the other slaves. Surely Master Brown will not notice, or would he? After all he eats enough food to feed five ravenous families. I decide not to take such a risk and ignore the temptation. I pick up the shiny silver bowl and fill it to the brim with steaming hot food. This makes the awful pain in my stomach grow into a large beast. Another angry order bellows from the dining room, “Where’s my food? Ten lashings for you!”
“Sorry Master!” I reply from the kitchen as I quicken up my pace.

Metaphor Exploration

Year 5 has been investigating metaphors
As a grade we really enjoyed investigating how powerful metaphors can be.

Then it was time to apply our knowledge. We were given the task of writing a metaphor poem.
We had to pretend that our family lived in a strange location. For example we might have chosen a pencil case. We then had to think of what object in a pencil case best represented a family member and why. Here are just a few of the results. We hope you enjoy them.

My Family Lives in a Pencil Case
My family lives inside a white pencil case
My dad is the ruler – strong and flexible
My mum is the glue stick – she keeps us all together
My brother Andrew is the pencil – very, very good at writing
My dog Allegro is a rubber – she wipes away your problems
And I am the pen – creative and neat

My Family Lives in a Computer
My family is a desktop computer, we all play a vital role
Mum is the antivirus software, always making sure everyone’s healthy
Dad is the search browser, knows a lot, but it is not always reliable
Jessica is the annoying pop-up, but she does remind you of important things
Bromley is the adorable fluffy background that puts a smile on my face whenever I look at him
And I am the monitor casing that hugs and loves my family

My Family Lives in a Circus
My family lives in a circus
My Mum is the Ring Master – in charge of all
My dad is the strong man – always lifting us back up when we are down
My dog is a little elephant – always eating peanuts
My brother is the lion tamer – brave and not afraid
And I am the clown – always cracking jokes

Happy Birthday

Today our school turned 106 years old. We could not let a birthday go by without a party so that is what we had.
After a whole school assembly to celebrate we each got given a tasty cupcake.
How lucky were we!
Birthday Photo

What Makes for a Great Piece of Imaginative Writing

This is another question that Year 5 has been considering. After looking at some great examples of imaginative writing, including excerpts from our class novel, we have decided that there are a number of things that help to create a high quality piece of writing. One of the big things was the use of language that created a vivid picture in our minds. We then decided that we should try and create some similes that really helped to paint clear pictures. We looked at some common similes eg as green as grass and decided that they were quite tired and didn’t really develop good images. So a challenge was set. Could we create our own similes that were fresh and really helped to paint a picture. Look at some of examples below and see what you think.

What is the Largest Structure in the World?

This is a question Year 5 has been considering. It was interesting to see how a question can evoke many more questions. There were a wide rang of opinions as to what the largest structure is as can be seen by the photo below.
Year 5 has subsequently discovered that (to their surprise) the largest structure in the world is actually alive. Do you know what it is? If you said the Great Barrier Reef you are correct.
As part of our unit of inquiry entitled ‘Valuing Places’, Year 5 will be asking some big questions about the Great Barrier Reef and then collaborating to try and find the answers. Together with Year 6, the girls in Year 5 had what they thought was an additional swimming lesson. To their surprise they were asked to do some rather unusual things. For example: to see how long they could remain suspended halfway between the surface and bottom of the pool, how easy or hard it was to perform a variety of different movements in the pool and could they easily pass a message to each other. This fun activity helped the girls to understand how difficult it might be for us to live under water. This was a great introduction to future activities in our inquiry.