Global Read Aloud

Year 5 has returned to school after a refreshing and safe holiday. They are full of energy and ready for another exciting and challenging term.
This week we have started to participate in the Global Read Aloud Challenge.The book we are reading is The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer Holm. We are collaborating on EDMODO with a Year 5 class in the Bahamas and another class in Texas.
So far we have read up to chapter 5. We have been really engaged by it and wonder what will happen when Melvin goes to school.This story has been great so far and we can’t wait to read more.

Ben Wood Visit

The girls in Year 5 were lucky enough to have a visit from Ben Wood. a popular children’s illustrator. His services are in high demand and he has illustrated picture books for a wide range of authors. Ben also runs how to draw workshops and our girls were very fortunate to participate in one of these sessions. They were shown how to use simple shapes to draw interesting and engaging characters. The girls were amazed at that they were able to create with his guidance.

If you want to find out more about Ben’s work go to his website. Ben Wood


A Great Performance!

It is very hard to believe that Term 3 has come and gone already. The last 4 weeks of term have been action packed.So much so we have not had time to update our blog. We apologise for this but hope the next few entries will give you a bit of an update on what we have been up to.

The Junior School had its Performing Arts night. Each year group performed their own dance based on their class names. One of the classes performed an African Dance. The girls had a lot of fun dressing up in their African costumes and performing the warrior dance. The other class also dressed up and dance a good old rock and roll dance. It was a lot of work to refine the choreography but the girls all showed great resilience and come performance time each class performed an exceptional dance routine.



Young ICT Explorers Competition

Last Saturday a number of very excited girls went to the University of New South Wales to participate in the finals of the Young ICT Explorers Competition.
The girls had been working very hard for a number of months to develop and refine their projects. Each girl or small group had been invited to attend the finals after submitting their brief to the competition organisers.
In total there were over 80 teams and our school was represented by 8 teams, an amazing achievement.
Congratulations to all Year 5 finalists. Georgia who developed a game made using Scratch, Gemma who made an app to help babies and toddlers learn about musical instruments, to Bella who created a Scratch help desk to assist her classmates when they had difficulty when programming with Scratch and to Sophie for her stopmotion of a fairy being born. This can be viewed below. And congratulations also to the team of Olivia, Ella and Peri for their website EduCate designed to help students communicate, share, learn and play.

All your efforts were amazing. Special mention must go to Jemma in Year 6 who won second place in her age category and to Sophie in Year 5 for receiving the merit award in her age category for her stopmotion.

Bathurst Road Trip Day 3

We awoke to another rather chilly morning and after a tasty breakfast headed off to the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum in Bathurst. It has one of the most spectacular fossil and mineral exhibits in the world. There are over 2000 fossils on display. We were also fortunate enough to have a talk on how the various fossils were created and to learn about how the earth is structured and the way various minerals are created and used.
It was then off to the Mt Piper Power Station to learn about how electricity is generated. It was great to be able to have a tour of the power station, something that not a lot of people get to do. We were all excited to look for some baby diamonds small pieces of coal) at the end of the tour. Had these stayed buried under high pressure and at extremely high temperatures these may have one day been diamonds.
Overall it was a great trip, we really enjoyed spending time with each other and most importantly we learnt a lot.
Here is a short video of our trip. Enjoy.

Bathurst Road Trip Day 2

We were fortunate to wake to a beautiful morning be it but on the cool side (minus one) but warm compared to our Year 6 friends visiting Canberra.
Despite the rumours of powdered eggs for breakfast, the hot breakfast was well received. Oh and if you were wondering they were fresh eggs!
First up for the day was a travel back in time to the 1850s and the gold rushes. The girls really enjoyed the interactive experiences that taught them more about what life was like. Apart from mud brick making and old style games the damper making was a hit. It was then time for a little panning. Sadly Mrs V and Mr A will not be retiring early as the amount of gold found would barely buy a coffee. Despite this much fun was had by all. After a tasty lunch it was into the museum to learn more about the history of gold discovery in Australia and the mining methods that were used. We then headed out and saw some working examples of the equipment used including the stamper battery. When your daughters return home a few if you will be proud to hear that they have decided to leave school early and become apprentice blacksmiths. The final part of our tour was of the Chinese protectorate. In all it was an enjoyable and informative day.
It was then off to Heritage Park. What an entertaining show. It was amazing to see that cows and sheep can be trained to perform in shows like this. Of course the regular natural water works that flowed regularly during the show brought great laughter. Lots of cute photos were taken of the lambs, miniature horse and others. The Hay ride was yet another highlight of the day.
Needless to say after dinner we had many tired girls. It has not taken long for silence to descend.
2 days down, one great one still to go.

Bathurst Road Trip

It would be hard to find a more excited set of girls than we had arrive at school in the early hours of the morning. After a smooth trip we arrived at Echo Point where the girls had spectacular views of the Three Sisters. After a quick recharge with some morning tea it was back onto our coach for a quick trip to The scenic Railway. Despite a few small anxieties everyone boarded the steepest railway in the Southern Hemisphere. Yes, there was of course a good healthy amount of screaming, but that was to be expected. All the girls enjoyed the walk around the nature track, with the highlights being the spotting of a brush turkey, the coal mine and a statue if a horse which was in high demand to be sat on. We returned to the coach by the Scenic Scender which was a lot of fun and afforded great views minus the screaming.
Next stop was Jenolan Caves. We had an amazing trip through the Lucas Cave. The girls were all in awe at the amazing formations. The hour and a half visit flew by. It was then onto Bathurst and the eagerly awaited announcements of cabin buddies. Much excitement again from all. After dinner we were treated to some live colonial music and a chance to dance. All have now retired to bed. An awesome day and 2 more to go. (Due to cell coverage issues no photos at present see Instagram account)

Australian Identity – Ever Evolving

This term Year 5 is exploring the concept of what our identity is and the many different factors that all work together to determine who we are as individuals and who we are as groups of people. So far we have written about a significant person who has impacted on us and a particular event that has helped to shape who we are as individuals. We have just started to inquire into how scientific inventions have changed the way we live and to determine how they have subsequently helped to shape our identity. We are really looking forward to heading off to Bathurst tomorrow for our 3 day trip to learn more about how the Gold Rushes and other events have impacted on the Australia we know and love today. We hope you enjoy a brief snapshot of just a couple of our writing pieces.

An event that has Changed you – written by Elspeth:
An event that has changed me is something that happened on camp. It was the leap of faith. It taught me to be a stronger person and how I should trust every one holding on to me with a harness. This changed me because I became a braver person. The people holding me up I also learned to trust more. Here is my story:

An event that has changed me is something that happened on camp. It was the Leap of Faith which taught me to be a stronger person and how I should trust every one holding on to me with a harness. This changed me because I became a braver person. Here is my story:

I felt all feared feelings, scared, fear-I even cried.

I looked up and shook, tried to smile for the camera and started climbing. It was soooo high and I accidently looked down-well that was a mistake – but I held the tears in a little longer. I eventually got to the point where you stand on nails and freaked out- I started crying. At last I got to the top and of course had to lose the plot- my belly ached.

I heard the people below cheering me on-‘GO ELSPETH! ‘and people were taking photos of me. I was so focussed that I did not notice it that much. Finally I jumped-I didn’t stand up to do so though-it was quite fun even though I was a bit paralysed. But let me say one thing if one member of staff that was on camp did what I just explained they would be scared too.

How changed….

In doing this event I feel that it has made me a braver person. It just occurred to me that it is similar to what happened to me on Thursday. I didn’t think that I would get my homework done if I did ballet on Thursday, and look at me know! If I hadn’t given that a go I would never have known I could do it. And If I hadn’t given the leap of Faith a go I would never have known I liked it or that I could do it either.

Event 2 written by Sophie
My life changed a lot this year, which has also changed me. Something which has changed me this year is moving to my new school.

At XXXXXX I have been doing longer classes, I have had lots more friends, and lots more opportunities. I have had double the amount of homework, and double the amount of fun.

At my old school, I used to have short periods, and every day, I had no idea what I was doing, and what I had to prepare for. The teachers would give us topic talks and I would go home and happily finish it, but when I offered it in the teacher would have totally forgotten and would waste my time.

At my old school I used to have one best friend, but if she was away one day, I would walk around without any friends and watch everyone shove and play. I also had barely any opportunities; There was nothing I could do for the school.

This change has made a big change in me! Now I know when homework is due and things are on. I almost always get a reply for my homework and my time isn’t wasted. I have lots of friends and I always have somebody to play with. All the opportunities make me feel cheerful and pleased that I get a wider variety of things to do and things to get better at.

I am really happy with this wonderful change in my life; I wouldn’t hesitate to say no to go back to my old school. Thank you Mum and Dad for making this astonishing change in my life which made a large, positive difference in me and my happiness.

My Role Model : Written by Caitlin
I have many role models who I look up to every day. Some of the main ones who I look up to are my family, friends and school teachers. Someone who I especially look up to is a girl called Malala Yousafzai who stood up in a non-violent protest for a girl’s right to have an education. She is one of many great people who stood up for what they believed in, she persisted and never gave up.

In January 2009, the Taliban ordered ALL girls schools to be closed. Malala father owned one of the schools being closed. The school was a major part in Malala’s life. She never took this for granted as not many girls in Pakistan receive an education. Even though the Taliban had strictly ordered all girls schools to be closed, Malala’s father kept his open. This was very dangerous because if the Taliban found out Malala’s father would be charged with treason. Later that year, Malala’s family got some horrific threats from the Taliban. Malala’s father was in great danger and Malala wanted to help. So in 2009, Malala started a blog. The blog talked about her life and living under the Taliban. This was her first step in making a global protest. Word got around and Malala’s name spread all over the world. Malala was in many interviews, talking about how she wanted to reopen all girls schools and let girls have an education.

The Taliban were getting very angry and they felt they needed to stop this protest. They needed to stop Malala. So on October 9 2012, two Taliban men stormed Malala’s school bus and shot Malala in her forehead near her left eye. They also shot some of her friends in the arm. Malala was clinging to her life when doctors around the world came to help her. She was finally transported to a hospital in Birmingham in the United Kingdom. In the following years she has recovered and is still fighting for the rights of all girls to be educated. She was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize in 2012 and she also gave a wonderful speech at the UN in 2013. She has inspired many people to stand up for what they believe in even if it is a small problem.

Malala has had a major impact on my life. Before I knew her story I knew a friend who was bullied every day. I tried to help but I was too scared to say something as I thought I may get bullied myself. But after I heard Malala’s story I had the courage to tell the bully to back off. It has been two years now and the girl who was bullying my friend has not said anything mean to me or to my friend. Malala has also taught me that even though anyone can make a huge difference. Malala has also had a huge impact on other people’s lives, she has inspired girls to join her campaign. She has also inspired people to express their feelings so they can be heard regardless of whether the problem is very major or minor.

Talented Artists on Display

Thanks to Mrs B we have been learning about the artist Wayne Thiebaud and how he uses oil paints to create his wonderful artworks, many of which are based around foods. We all love our food and could think of nothing better than to use oil crayons to create our own cakes. Sadly whilst we think they look great we are not too sure about how good they will taste. So hands off and just admire.

art 5

art 4

art 3

art 2

Art 1

Term 3 in Full Swing

Year 5 has started Term 3 with a bang. It is hard to believe that we have now been back at school for over three weeks and we have not yet posted. So we are going to fire off a few quick updates to let you all know what we have been up to.

One of our big events was the Athletics Carnival which conducted he most spectacular weather at Homebush. A wide range of events were run including including 100m, 200m and 800m races and of course there was high jump, long jump, discus and turbo jav. Through all their hard efforts a number of school records were also broken.
Congratulations to all girls and especially to Franklin the winning house this year. It was wonderful to see the energy and enthusiasm of all the Junior School Girls. We look forward to hearing reports from all the Junior School girls who will go onto represent at the next level.