Google Expeditions

Today Year 5 were fortunate enough to attend a Google Expedition where we got to try out 3D cardboard glasses that let you see all around the world with just a phone and some cardboard. We were one of the very first schools in Australia to have this opportunity.

During the expedition, we got to try out the glasses and look around the Lincoln Memorial, Mount Rushmore, Underwater at the Galapagos Islands and visit a cliff in California that takes 3-5 days to climb! For each of the places we visited there were some really interesting accompanying facts that we learned.

These are all wonderful places, that we would not have been able to visit if it was not for Google Expeditions. These expeditions are still in the Beta phase (developmental phase) and so are not yet available to the general public. We think they will really help us to learn more about the issues we are studying, especially as they roll out more and more of these wonderful expeditions.
The whole of Year 5 absolutely loved having the opportunity to be one of the first year groups to try these glasses and would love to try them again.
Written by Lara and Lexi



Global Read Aloud 2015

We are all extremely excited to be participating in the Global Read Aloud challenge. The book which our classes, together with students around the world will be reading, is ‘Fish’ by L.S. Matthews.

Before beginning to read the book, we were given some thought provoking questions to reflect on and respond to. (We plan to revisit the same questions again after we have finished reading the book to see whether our thinking has changed in any way.)IMG_1834

IMG_1832IMG_1833IMG_1835 IMG_1836 What is courage

Smarties Probability Investigation


Year 5 had fun exploring probability using smarties! Our reward was that we got to enjoy the box of smarties afterwards.

We investigated what the probability was of selecting a particular colour over another. We also looked at how the reliability of determining probability can be improved, when we use larger samples for our investigations.

We learned that probability can be shown on a number line from 0 – 1 and it can be expressed as fractions or percentages. We had a great deal of fun using our data to create both pie charts and column graphs. We analysed the data given to us by each graph.

We decided that column graphs were very useful for showing clearly which colour smarties were more plentiful and which were less plentiful in our boxes. Pie charts were useful because they gave us what percentage of the whole box each colour represented. This clearly showed us the probability, in the form of percentages, of us selecting that colour randomly from the box. One girl’s box had 14/56 purple smarties. This meant that she had a one in four chance – (¼ ) of randomly selecting a purple smartie, because 14/56 is the same as ¼ of the box. This showed up as 25% on the pie chart.

We found google spreadsheets and excel extremely useful when we were conducting our investigations. The graphs were easy to create and the visual nature of the data presented, allowed us to easily analyse the data.

We have shared our learning below.

Cuthbert Fund Raiser

On Thursday the 17th the Cuthbert fundraiser was held to raise money for Save the Children Fund.
We all had fun dressing up as our favourite character from a movie of our choice as our theme was “Shine like a Movie Star.” A best dressed competition was held and the winner from each grade received a tasty prize.
At lunch, we watched Toy Story while enjoying some delicious pop corn and lollies.
Thanks to the Cuthbert leaders for a great day.



by Emma and Annick

Parents Visit Year 5

This afternoon we had the pleasure of the company of the parents and grandparents of the Year 5 girls.The classrooms were full to overflowing and there was great excitement as the girls shared what they have been doing in class. Having proudly shown their work off it was time to knuckle down and get stuck into a Maths lesson.
The lesson centred around probability and of course involved smarties. Each girl was given a 50g box of smarties and we calculated what the probability of getting a given colour was. We then used Microsoft Excel to create pie charts and column graphs to clearly display the data.
It was a really fun afternoon and we really liked being able to eat the smarties before going home.




Bathurst Camp

Year 5 really enjoyed our recent camp to Bathurst.
This 3 day excursion supplemented our unit of inquiry entitled ‘History can be viewed from a variety of perspectives.’

It was an action packed three days, we visited Echo Point, The Three Sisters, Jenolan Caves, the Bathurst Goldfields, The Sheep and Cattle Drome and Mt Piper Power Station.
It was a wonderful 3 days. We hope you enjoy this collection of memories.

We have enjoyed reading and composing Quatrains!

We have enjoyed reading and analysing some of Banjo Patterson’s poetry. Two of the poems we have enjoyed are quatrains titled ‘Weary Will’ and ‘A dog’s Mistake’.

We’ve learned that a rhyming quatrain is a set of four lines that follow a rhyme scheme. The rhyme schemes could be:

AABB (the first and second lines rhyme with each other and the third and fourth lines rhyme with each other. In other words, a pair of rhyming couplets together)

ABAB (the first and third lines rhyme with each other and the second and fourth lines rhyme with each other)

ABBA (the first and fourth lines rhyme with each other and the second and third rhyme with each other)

ABCB (the second and fourth rhyme with each other)

We would love to share some of the quatrains we have written.


Year 5 Poetry

This term, we are enjoying reading, analysing and writing poetry.

We have shared our understandings about what poetry is and looked at the differences between lyrical poetry and narrative poetry. We have discussed that poetry is an amazing medium to convey themes, feelings, stories and ideas by our thoughtful choice of vocabulary and the use of imagery and poetic devices.

This week’s writing task has been to compose a five-line constructivist poem. We have written some beautiful poetry which we have published, to share.

Father Daughter Breakfast

On the 26th of August our school had a delicious father daughter breakfast with eggs and bacon, juices and the best pastries. On top of all of this food there were sensational beverages such as hot chocolates, coffees and tea served from a cafe van. There was also an amazing photo booth that brought father and daughter together for a magical photo.

Another highlight was some exciting lucky door prizes for both dads and students. The dad’s prize included some beer and a few bottles of wine. For the winner it was definitely worth coming to the breakfast. The student’s prize included a voucher for the most popular shop- SMIGGLE!!

There was also a Father’s Day raffle with the prize being a beautiful hand knitted blanket. The money that was raised went to a school we sponsor in Kenya run by a charity called So they Can.

Maths challenges were next on the agenda. The fathers and their daughters went up to the classroom and did some mathematical thinking as they undertook the following challenge. Design as many houses as you can while following these rules:

1. All the houses are to be made from four cubes.
2. They all have to be different.
3. The same design should not be achieved once rotated on its base.
4. They may be a mirror image of another design.
5. Each house has to have a solid foundation of at least one square.

There was a lot of energy as fathers and girls persisted and trying their best to create as many houses as possible. How many do you think are possible and do you think you know how many shapes there are without twisting the shapes?

Overall this was a lovely experience that we shared with our dads. Year 5 students definitely enjoyed the morning. We look forward to the next father daughter breakfast.





Fathers Breakfast

Father Breakfast Stella
By Mia and Rosie