ANZAC Day Commemorations

Year 5 has been engaged in learning about the meaning of ANZAC Day and the need for us to be thankful to the nurses and armed forces who have represented us in all conflicts and peace keeping missions. Without them we would not be able to enjoy the lifestyles we are so fortunate to have.

On the first day back of school we were lucky to have a very interesting and informative presentation by ICONIC Productions entitled ‘The ANZAC Story’. This was very moving tribute to the ANZACs. We learned more about what conditions are really like for the armed forces and nurses during wars and the impact these conflicts have on friends and families back home.

Throughout the week we also had the opportunity to view a range of other multimedia presentations and books including “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda” by Eric Bogle. There are a number of good clips of this song on You Tube.

We wrapped up our reflections on Friday when our Year 10 students ran an excellent ANZAC Service. Each girl in the school made their own poppy and these were placed on our own remembrance wall. The service was concluded with the laying of a wreath.

We have certainly developed a greater understanding of the sacrifices made by all nurses and armed forces members and the futility of war.

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.”

Lest we forget.


Day 3: Year 5 Outdoor Education Camp

After an amazing night’s sleep, we all ventured out into our final day heralded by the happy song of a pair of kookaburras and more amazing weather!

After a delicious breakfast, the girls enjoyed some time with Crusader Leaders, reflecting on, amongst other things, what lessons they had learned whilst on Camp.

camp 18 diningroom

After morning tea, it was time to participate in an energetic team building game, where girls collaborated to achieve a goal. Great sportsmanship, collaboration and good communication was displayed by all of the girls, concluding our Camp experience on a high!

Camp 20 morning tea

After lunch, a united groups of girls and their teachers journeyed back to school with many happy memories and experiences to share.

camp 22 diningroom

Some of the important ‘life lessons’ which the girls reflected on whilst on Camp included lessons learned whilst they participated in each of the activities. These included:

  • Goal setting is important as we are able to clearly define what our targets are. This enables us then to monitor our progress. If however, we miss the mark, we should not be discouraged as ‘practice makes progress!’ We should persist and keep giving our best and we will see that we will eventually be more consistent in improving our ability to get closer to our target. (Archery)

Jaime archery

archery 2


Camp 2


  • Stepping outside of our comfort zones, displaying courage and persisting in the face of adversity is essential in life if we want to make the most of each new experience.(High ropes and rock climbing)

Camp9High ropes  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Camp8 High ropes

  • Achieving our own PB (personal best) is where our focus should lie. We each have strengths in different areas but together everybody is able to achieve more! (All of the activities)

Camp7 games gd     Camp8 gr games gd

  • There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling we have when ‘reached the top’ (achieved our own personal PB)

Camp ropes anna

Camp15 chloe rock

  • Being creative and showing initiative in our learning enables us to take responsibility for our learning. We realise that we need to actively engage in activities to get the most out of them and achieve our best.                                   (Initiative games and group games)

Camp3 Anna Games                                          Camp 3 Kiana games

  • Walking each new day with God means that we don’t have to do it all in our own strength

Day 2: Outdoor Education Camp

We woke to fantastic weather today and we certainly made the most of it. Following breakfast we spent some great time with our Cru leaders learning more about God’s great love for us.
After some tasty morning tea, it was back to our activity rotations for the rest of the day. Once again every girl certainly challenged themselves to move out of their comfort zone and each girl was proud of their accomplishments. There was no doubt that for most girls the most challenging activities were rock climbing and The Leap of Faith, although archery and initiative games were thoroughly enjoyed.
After dinner the eagerly awaited camp concert was held. It was wonderful to see so many of our classmates taking to the stage. There were dancing acts, drama performances and even some comedy routines. A great deal of fun was had by all. We are now ready to catch some sleep as we recharge our batteries for our final day of camp.








Day 1: Year 5 Outdoor Education Camp

There were a lot of very excited students who arrived at school ready for our Outdoor Education Camp. After a few quick goodbyes we boarded our double decker bus (this caused even more excitement) and headed off to Galston Gorge.
On arrival we had morning tea and got straight into the fun with some great games on the oval.
After lunch (yummy chicken wraps with chips of course) we had our first activity rotation. Over the next two days we will participate in four activities
1. Archery.
2. Indoor Rock Climbing
3. Initiative Games
4. Leap of Faith.
We really enjoyed each of them as our lovely Cru leaders gave us choice by challenge, meaning that we were not forced to participate in anything we did not want to. However, the teachers and Cru leaders were very encouraging with their support and we all gave our first activity a go. We were all really happy with our achievements and had a real sense of achievement.
We then had great fun in the pool with some structured fun, including a synchronised swimming competition and some fun soccer and volley ball games.
After dinner it was time for Princess Billionaire. A lot of fun was once again had, but ear plugs were certainly needed by the teachers with all the excited screaming.
Following a light supper and a bit of reflection the we all retired to bed and readied ourselves for Day 2.

Just a few photos are below. More will follow on our return.





Learning about Mass in Mathematics


Year 5 has had fun learning about mass. We had 4 stations of learning relating to mass that had different questions and problems for us to work out. Here is a summary of all the exciting things we did.

Station 1: Money, Money, Money:

The learning intention for this station, was to make sure everyone got a better understanding about mass and had the opportunity to measure using grams and kilograms.

We were told that we had been given a prize of money, but had to work as team and figure out which prize would give us the most money.

Our prize could be just one of the following:Coins

  • ¼ a kilogram of $2 coins
  • A metre long of $2 coins
  • 750g of 50c coins

We had to use the rulers and scales to work out what we should pick as our money prize.

Measuring money

Station 2    – Weighing Tonnes

Our learning intention was to learn about tonnes and kilograms.

We were asked to find out the mass and facts about a large animal of our choice and then compare their mass with ours.

We created a table and used it in our groups to record our learning. Some of the animals we chose to conduct research on included: a blue whale, a walrus, a zebra, a giraffe, and lots and lots more. We converted the animal’s mass to kilograms to compare our mass.

Station 3: Net and Gross Mass

At this station, the learning intention was that we should learn about net and gross mass, and that’s exactly what we did!

We got given 2 cans, 1 full of peach pieces and one of pineapple pieces. We looked at the labels on both of them to see how much it said its mass was.

We then weighed the cans with the juice in it on the digital scales. This, we learnt was the gross mass. The gross mass of the peaches was 492g, and the pineapples, 503g. But then came the fun part.

We had to carefully pour out the fruits into the plastic bowls and then we weighed it. Without the tin, the peach’s mass was 439g. (This was the net weight.) This meant that the tin was approximately 10% of the gross mass. Then the pineapple’s mass without the tin was 427g, which means the tin was approximately 15% of the gross mass.

Then came the best part of all…..

We got to eat the fruit salad!

Measuring cans

Station 4.    – Frank’s Arms:

This activity was great fun. First, as a class, we read a funny book about mass called ‘Counting On Frank’ One of the activities was when Frank had to carry lots of cans of dog food.

Our part of the task was to find out what mass of cans of food we could carry. We wondered how we could most successfully calculate the total of the mass of the cans. We decided that we could measure our mass and then measure our mass again whilst carrying a packet of cans. We could then deduct our mass from the larger mass to calculate the mass of the packet of cans.

We began by measuring our mass on Mrs F’s bathroom scale. Then we each took turns carrying as many cans of food as we could in plastic bags, walking up and down the verandah outside. After we made sure that we were carrying as much as we could, we weighed ourselves with the cans in the plastic bag. We then we deducted our mass and we had found our answer!

Rachel shopping bagConclusion:

We definitely had loads of fun and we loved every bit of it (especially the eating)! We learned a lot and will certainly never forget this wonderful unit full of learning!

By Stella, Sasha, Georgia, Jacqui, Gabbi and Rachel

Tech Fest 2015

Year 5 was fortunate to visit the Tech Fest 2015 on Friday. We were one of only two Junior Schools so we felt very privileged. We had a lot of fun catching the train into Redfern. It was only a short walk to the Australian Technology Park where the event was being held.
We really enjoyed the exhibition as we got to hear about some of the latest technological advances while also having some hands on ‘play’.
Just a few of the things we heard about were: the work being undertaken to create the bionic eye, how the VibroMat can assist people with low vision to have improved mobility, how technology is saving companies such as Coca Cola millions of dollars a year by helping to determine the best configurations for vending machines. We also were shown how Doarama, a 3D track visualisation program works while also getting to try the latest Oculus Rift virtual headset. Another enjoyable aspect was getting to play with some of the robotics that were on display.
All in all it was a great day and we certainly developed a greater appreciation of the role technology plays in our lives. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




Reflecting on important approaches to learning in Year 5 2015

What important skills, attitudes and approaches to problem solving and learning will assist Year 5 girls to maximise learning opportunities in order to achieve their best? How could we explore what some of these important approaches to learning are? How could we assess our own strengths and areas in which we could grow? By collaborating in a challenge – of course!

Girls were given the task of participating in teams to build the tallest possible freestanding tower that would be able to support a table tennis ball. The only materials which they were allowed to use, included the following:

  • 15 pipe cleaners
  • 25 straws
  • 4 pieces of paper
  • 4 pencils
  • 1 ruler
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 table tennis ball (per class)

They were given 10 minutes to plan and 20 minutes to construct their towers.

It was not all ‘plain sailing’ however as during the course of the construction activity, teachers presented teams of girls with a couple more complications.

  • One of the complications was, due to ‘funding cuts’ there were reductions in the workforce. Students were therefore asked to work with one hand behind their backs! This proved to be very challenging for some groups but served to raise the levels of teamwork and good communication in most of the groups.
  • Another complication introduced was that a foreign company had bought the construction company, for which they were working. Many new workers were therefore coming in who could not speak the girls’ language. To symbolise this, students were asked to refrain from talking to each other for 4 minutes. This proved to be extremely challenging for some but certainly showed how many of the students were resilient learners.

Reflecting on their learning afterwards, the girls suggested a number of skills, attitudes and approaches to learning, which would enable them to be successful learners. These included:

  • including everyone’s ideas
  • having a good attitude
  • being able to communicate well
  • having mutual respect
  • being able to learn from our mistakes
  • persisting when things become difficult
  • being a good team player

Global Read Aloud

Year 5 has returned to school after a refreshing and safe holiday. They are full of energy and ready for another exciting and challenging term.
This week we have started to participate in the Global Read Aloud Challenge.The book we are reading is The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer Holm. We are collaborating on EDMODO with a Year 5 class in the Bahamas and another class in Texas.
So far we have read up to chapter 5. We have been really engaged by it and wonder what will happen when Melvin goes to school.This story has been great so far and we can’t wait to read more.

Ben Wood Visit

The girls in Year 5 were lucky enough to have a visit from Ben Wood. a popular children’s illustrator. His services are in high demand and he has illustrated picture books for a wide range of authors. Ben also runs how to draw workshops and our girls were very fortunate to participate in one of these sessions. They were shown how to use simple shapes to draw interesting and engaging characters. The girls were amazed at that they were able to create with his guidance.

If you want to find out more about Ben’s work go to his website. Ben Wood