Smarties Probability Investigation


Year 5 had fun exploring probability using smarties! Our reward was that we got to enjoy the box of smarties afterwards.

We investigated what the probability was of selecting a particular colour over another. We also looked at how the reliability of determining probability can be improved, when we use larger samples for our investigations.

We learned that probability can be shown on a number line from 0 – 1 and it can be expressed as fractions or percentages. We had a great deal of fun using our data to create both pie charts and column graphs. We analysed the data given to us by each graph.

We decided that column graphs were very useful for showing clearly which colour smarties were more plentiful and which were less plentiful in our boxes. Pie charts were useful because they gave us what percentage of the whole box each colour represented. This clearly showed us the probability, in the form of percentages, of us selecting that colour randomly from the box. One girl’s box had 14/56 purple smarties. This meant that she had a one in four chance – (¼ ) of randomly selecting a purple smartie, because 14/56 is the same as ¼ of the box. This showed up as 25% on the pie chart.

We found google spreadsheets and excel extremely useful when we were conducting our investigations. The graphs were easy to create and the visual nature of the data presented, allowed us to easily analyse the data.

We have shared our learning below.

Cuthbert Fund Raiser

On Thursday the 17th the Cuthbert fundraiser was held to raise money for Save the Children Fund.
We all had fun dressing up as our favourite character from a movie of our choice as our theme was “Shine like a Movie Star.” A best dressed competition was held and the winner from each grade received a tasty prize.
At lunch, we watched Toy Story while enjoying some delicious pop corn and lollies.
Thanks to the Cuthbert leaders for a great day.



by Emma and Annick

Parents Visit Year 5

This afternoon we had the pleasure of the company of the parents and grandparents of the Year 5 girls.The classrooms were full to overflowing and there was great excitement as the girls shared what they have been doing in class. Having proudly shown their work off it was time to knuckle down and get stuck into a Maths lesson.
The lesson centred around probability and of course involved smarties. Each girl was given a 50g box of smarties and we calculated what the probability of getting a given colour was. We then used Microsoft Excel to create pie charts and column graphs to clearly display the data.
It was a really fun afternoon and we really liked being able to eat the smarties before going home.




Bathurst Camp

Year 5 really enjoyed our recent camp to Bathurst.
This 3 day excursion supplemented our unit of inquiry entitled ‘History can be viewed from a variety of perspectives.’

It was an action packed three days, we visited Echo Point, The Three Sisters, Jenolan Caves, the Bathurst Goldfields, The Sheep and Cattle Drome and Mt Piper Power Station.
It was a wonderful 3 days. We hope you enjoy this collection of memories.

We have enjoyed reading and composing Quatrains!

We have enjoyed reading and analysing some of Banjo Patterson’s poetry. Two of the poems we have enjoyed are quatrains titled ‘Weary Will’ and ‘A dog’s Mistake’.

We’ve learned that a rhyming quatrain is a set of four lines that follow a rhyme scheme. The rhyme schemes could be:

AABB (the first and second lines rhyme with each other and the third and fourth lines rhyme with each other. In other words, a pair of rhyming couplets together)

ABAB (the first and third lines rhyme with each other and the second and fourth lines rhyme with each other)

ABBA (the first and fourth lines rhyme with each other and the second and third rhyme with each other)

ABCB (the second and fourth rhyme with each other)

We would love to share some of the quatrains we have written.


Year 5 Poetry

This term, we are enjoying reading, analysing and writing poetry.

We have shared our understandings about what poetry is and looked at the differences between lyrical poetry and narrative poetry. We have discussed that poetry is an amazing medium to convey themes, feelings, stories and ideas by our thoughtful choice of vocabulary and the use of imagery and poetic devices.

This week’s writing task has been to compose a five-line constructivist poem. We have written some beautiful poetry which we have published, to share.

Father Daughter Breakfast

On the 26th of August our school had a delicious father daughter breakfast with eggs and bacon, juices and the best pastries. On top of all of this food there were sensational beverages such as hot chocolates, coffees and tea served from a cafe van. There was also an amazing photo booth that brought father and daughter together for a magical photo.

Another highlight was some exciting lucky door prizes for both dads and students. The dad’s prize included some beer and a few bottles of wine. For the winner it was definitely worth coming to the breakfast. The student’s prize included a voucher for the most popular shop- SMIGGLE!!

There was also a Father’s Day raffle with the prize being a beautiful hand knitted blanket. The money that was raised went to a school we sponsor in Kenya run by a charity called So they Can.

Maths challenges were next on the agenda. The fathers and their daughters went up to the classroom and did some mathematical thinking as they undertook the following challenge. Design as many houses as you can while following these rules:

1. All the houses are to be made from four cubes.
2. They all have to be different.
3. The same design should not be achieved once rotated on its base.
4. They may be a mirror image of another design.
5. Each house has to have a solid foundation of at least one square.

There was a lot of energy as fathers and girls persisted and trying their best to create as many houses as possible. How many do you think are possible and do you think you know how many shapes there are without twisting the shapes?

Overall this was a lovely experience that we shared with our dads. Year 5 students definitely enjoyed the morning. We look forward to the next father daughter breakfast.





Fathers Breakfast

Father Breakfast Stella
By Mia and Rosie

An Amazing Trip to the City

On Thursday the 20th of June, we went on an excursion to the ABC Ultimo Centre and the Art Gallery of NSW. Mrs TJ and Mrs B arranged it so we could build on our knowledge of music inspired by art. They organised a cool double decker bus to take us to all these informative but fun places. There was lots of bagging seats on the upper deck, but luckily some of us wanted to go on the bottom!

First we went to the ABC Ultimo Centre, which was fantastic!
We saw a small orchestra play with the theme of ‘Music inspired by art’. There was a school that made a piece of music inspired by construction in green. They used a drum, a tambourine, maracas and the symbols. Then we had the cello make a representation of a seagull and the double base did a motorbike. They interacted with us and asked us intriguing questions. Thank you to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra for such wonderful performances. We are amazed the talent you displayed.

Afterwards when the concert had finished, the bus took us to the botanical garden for lunch. After we had eaten, we had some time to run around. Mrs TJ put us into groups to go around the Art Gallery. We had 4 fabulous parent helpers, and of course our teachers as well.

We were lucky enough to go and explore the wonderful artworks that were submitted into the Archbold category. There were some amazing artworks there. We received a booklet that led us around the whole art gallery, thinking deeply about the artworks. As we got to one area of the gallery, there was a painting of a fashion designer called Jenny Kee, and by coincidence, there she was! She gave us a little improv talk on how the artist Carla Fletcher painted her. Carla Fletcher painted Jenny Kee in abstract colours against a bold black background, which really made it stand out. There were so many unbelievable artworks in the gallery! As we stepped back outside of the gallery, we think everyone was once again amazed by the talents of all the artists.

Finally, we returned to the Botanical Gardens to have one last run around. As we boarded bus for the return trip to school. We have a lot to reflect on, what a wonderful day we had. A humongous thank you to Mrs TJ and Mrs B and all the parent helpers.

By Polly and Sarah



The Little Mermaid Musical

This year every girl from kindergarten to Year 6 was involved in our amazing musical, ‘The Little Mermaid’. The musical was a lot of fun and it was amazing to have all of the junior school involved. The musical was a great success but it wouldn’t have happened without the encouragement, support and work of all the teachers especially Mrs Trevelyan-Jones and Mrs Vaughn. We were also very fortunate to have the assistance of dance teachers Ms Poppy who choreographed the Year 4,5 and 6’s dances and Miss Jackie Sloan who choreographed the kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3’s dances.

Kindy danced to ‘Kiss the Girl’. This was a very cute performance. They wore Hawaiian skirts and little yellow tops. The Year 1 girl’s dance was great and I think their seagull costumes were well suited to their song, ‘Human Stuff’. Year 2 had a very colourful parade, dancing to ‘Under the Sea’. Year 3’s costumes really suited their performance to the song, ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls’ and I think everyone would admit that they were shivering with fright.

Year 4 danced the can-can to the song, ‘Le Poisson’ wearing maid, chef and fish outfits. It was definitely loved by all. Year 5K prettily danced, ‘Daughters of Triton’. They also danced to ‘The Storm’ and that was one wop of a dance. Year 5A danced to, ‘She’s in Love’ with some attitude! Year 6 danced to ‘Fathoms Below’ and this dance was a wonderful start to the show. The junior school danced to under the sea as an incredible finale! What an amazing way to finish of the show!

Being part of the junior school musical 2015 was so exciting! Throughout every performance, the big drama studio was always buzzing with excitement as students crazily ran around, waiting to shine like a Rosie girl on stage. The maintenance team worked so hard to put all the props on stage. The class teachers also did an amazing job helping all the girls backstage. Having microphones fitted, last minute makeup done and running back and forth until the show finally started, was the case every night. Despite all these challenges backstage, The Little Mermaid was still an amazing show.

Devious plans, menacing smiles, black magic and a big chunk of attitude! Sounds like a whole lot of evil. Or maybe just a whole lot of Ursula! The queen of darkness would do anything for power, even steal a little mermaid’s soul. She’s sinister, she’s ambitious and she’s 100% evil. And in the Roseville College junior school musical 2015, it was my chance to show her to the world! Being a main part was a little bit scary but pretty awesome. All the makeup, costumes, rehearsals was really fun. However, it was also hard work! Learning all the lines, songs and actions took weeks of practicing, until we were finally ready for the big show. I completely transformed into my character as soon as I stepped out onto the stage. Singing the songs, saying the lines, and being Ursula was so much fun!!!

Flotsam the Eel could best be described as evil. Being Ursula’s minions and one of the main parts was exciting but very nerve racking! The first night of the musical you could feel the excitement in the air. All the costumes, makeup and crazy jumping around was so fun. Being on stage as a completely different person in front of heaps of people was great. I loved my costume, an eel shirt, green leggings and a mohawk and being in the wings waiting to transform was incredible.

Princess Ariel was a beautiful, royal mess who longed for Prince Eric’s heart. Hoping to be the one whose voice was the best, she sang for the prince’s heart. It was a lot of fun learning stage directions and actions until finally we were ready for the big show. Our costumes were amazing! Altogether it was a great show and a great and enjoyable experience!

By Sophie, Alyssa, Gabrielle, Zoe, Veronique, Kiana, Kayley & Lindsey.

Early Book Week Celebrations

Last week Year 5 was fortunate enough to have ‘Perform educational musicals’ come and present the musical ‘Shine a Light’ linked to the Book Week theme Books Light Up our World The musical taught us the things that we can do in our everyday life to stand up to the bad thoughts that we may have about ourselves. We took away many valuable lessons.

It was amazing how many different characters the actors could play in one scene. Their voices were amazing. We loved how we got to be involved and we all enjoyed singing, dancing and clapping along. It got us on our feet and moving our bodies.

We would highly recommend it to primary school students.

Written by Keira and Ashleigh